Campus Directory - Faculty

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Kim Agozzino [email protected]
Part-time Instructor, Biology
Main Building, 312
Francois Artayet [email protected]
Instructor, Business
Charlotte Asherman [email protected]
Part-time Instructor, Communication Arts and Sciences
George Asimos [email protected]
Instructor, English
John Baffoe-Bonnie [email protected]
Professor, Business and Economics
Main, 207B 610-892-1447
Sanaz Bandegi [email protected]
Instructor, Chemistry
James Berkey [email protected]
Assistant Professor, English
Director, Writing Studio
Vairo Library, 134 610-892-1325
Kimberly Blockett [email protected]
Professor, English
Main Building, 212 J 610-892-1376
Sophie Bodek [email protected]
Instructor, Earth Sciences
Donald Bonawitz [email protected]
Part-time Instructor, History
Mark Boudreau [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor, Biology
Main Building, 312 D 610-892-1268
Deborah Braak [email protected]
Part-time Instructor, Theatre
Evan Bradley [email protected]
Associate Professor of Psychology & Linguistics, Psychology
Commons/Athletic Center, 216 610-892-1458
Vicki Castelli [email protected]
Part-time Instructor, Nutrition
Earl Catagnus [email protected]
Part-time Instructor, Security and Risk Analysis, Information Sciences and Technology
Stephen Cimbala [email protected]
Distinguished Professor, Political Science
Vairo Library, 118 610-892-1467
Christopher Terral Clark [email protected]
Instructor, Management, Business
Kathryn Hope Cleary [email protected]
Instructor, Marketing, Business
Sean Cleary [email protected]
Instructor, Psychology
Nannette D'Imperio [email protected] Tomezsko Classroom Building, 207 C 610-892-1343