Summer 2023 Tutoring

The STEM Lab is open for online tutoring for Math 4 - 141 courses via Zoom Mondays through Thursdays 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
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No appointment needed — just join a group.

How can the STEM Lab help me?

The STEM Lab is a free drop-in tutoring center that provides help for most undergraduate science and math courses.

If you're worried about succeeding in college-level math and science classes or want to keep your "A", you're not alone. Our tutors can help you in the following ways:

  • Answer questions
  • Review material for quizzes and tests
  • Provide test preparation and test-taking tips
  • Establish short and long term study goals

How do I use the services in the STEM Lab?

  • As a drop-in: The STEM Lab provides tutoring on a drop-in basis which means all you need to do is show up when the center is open and a tutor will be available to assist you individually or in a small group.
  • Attend a regularly scheduled tutoring session: Students can sign-up for a regularly scheduled tutoring group with a Master Tutor. (A Master Tutor is a professional with their degree in the areas that they tutor.) These groups meet twice a week for one hour.

Will tutoring fit into my schedule?

The STEM Lab offers a twice-a-week tutoring group for most courses during Common Hour (the time when no Penn State classes are regularly scheduled). Stop into the STEM Lab to find out when and where to meet.

When should I start coming to the STEM Lab?

The STEM Lab opens the first week of classes. Come early and come often! Don't wait until you are struggling in a course.

Earn a Credit for Regular Tutoring

Math 10: Taken in conjunction with Math 004-141 and Math 200 & 201

Both programs require students to attend tutoring on a regular basis for a total of 26 hours and passing Skill Check Assessments.

Summer Bridge Programs

Math Boot Camp

If you feel your math foundation is not as strong as it should be to move on to the next level math course, then Math Boot Camp is for you. Join other Penn State Brandywine students as they prepare for the new challenges that they will face in mathematics. Your current math skill level will be assessed and you will work on perfecting those weaker skills as you work through the Math Boot Camp curriculum.

Math Tune-up

Math Tune-up is designed to work with post-baccalaureate and adult students returning to college after taking time off. Even the best math students forget important skills needed to advance in higher-level math courses. This program is flexible to meet your busy schedule. Evening and Saturday hours are available for you to meet with tutors to prepare you for what your future holds.