Brandywine Learning Center

The Brandywine Learning Center at Penn State Brandywine helps students achieve academic success. We offer tutorial support for most general education courses and specialized academic coaching services for students who want to maximize their academic potential.

Office Hours
Main Building, Room 113
Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Phone: 610-892-1463
Email: [email protected]

Meet Our Tutors

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Learn how to be successful in all of your general education courses, as well as additional upper-division courses in specific subjects. Our peer and professional tutors can help you to master course concepts, stay on track with your learning, and determine the best study strategies to ensure your success. Subjects that the Brandywine Learning Center provides tutoring in are:

  • All general education courses
  • History, music, nutrition
  • Business courses (including economics and accounting)
  • Psychology and human development & family studies courses
  • Statistics: EDPSY 101, PSYCH 200, SCM 200, and STAT 100 (STAT 200 in STEM Lab)

Interested in getting course credit for attending regular tutoring sessions?

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Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is designed to help you develop and further improve your academic skills as well as improve your overall success in your college courses. When you sign up for academic coaching, you have a weekly one-on-one meeting with a coach that works with your schedule where you will work on expanding your:

  • College-level study skills
  • Social and psychological skills
  • Awareness of campus resources and how to access them
  • Confidence in your academic abilities

Interested in getting course credit for attending academic coaching sessions?

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Study Skills

Sometimes, you need more help than just simply a better understanding of course concepts or preparing for a specific exam. We can also help you with a variety of study skills, too. Brandywine Learning Center tutors can help you with: 

  • Project planning 
  • Study skills and organization 
  • Comprehension of course materials 
  • Preparing for presentations 
  • Supporting multilingual speakers
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