Campus Directory

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Martin Yeh [email protected]
Assistant Professor
Timothy Swierczek [email protected]
Maintenance Worker, Business Services
Maintenance Building
Elizabeth Kearns [email protected]
Director, Housing and Food Services
Student Union, 104 +1 610 892 1215
Kimberly Louise Schultz [email protected]
Lecturer, Mathematics
Kim Agozzino [email protected]
Part-time Instructor, Science
Main Building, 312
Karen Albertini [email protected]
Part-time Instructor, Social Sciences and Education
Christine Allen [email protected]
Coordinator, Career Development and Placement, Advising and Career Services
Main Building, 104D 610-892-1394
Drew Anderson [email protected]
Part-time Instructor, Science
Charlotte Asherman [email protected]
Part-time Instructor, Arts and Humanities
John Ayala [email protected]
Maintenance Worker, Business Services
Asad Azemi [email protected]
Associate Professor, Engineering
Tomezsko Classroom Building, 207 L 610-892-1421
Margaret Bacheler [email protected]
Director, Continuing Education
Student Union, 207H 610-892-1306
Anna Bachus [email protected]
Student Advocacy Specialist, Academic Affairs
Main Building, 214B 610-892-1461
John Baffoe-Bonnie [email protected]
Professor, Economics
Main, 207B 610-892-1447
Vittoria Baker [email protected]
Part-time Instructor, Arts and Humanities
Rebecca Banks [email protected]
Part-time Instructor, Arts and Humanities
Arindam Basu [email protected]
Assistant Professor, Biology
Main Building, 312C 610-892-1456
James Berkey [email protected]
Assistant Professor, English
Director, Writing Studio
Vairo Library, 134 610-892-1325
Kari Berton [email protected]
Enrollment Services Specialist, Student & Enrollment Services
Kimberly Blockett [email protected]
Associate Professor, English
Main Building, 212 J 610-892-1376