Stand for State schedule of events at Penn State Brandywine

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Students, faculty and staff are invited to find out about a new program called Stand for State at a launch event on Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 11:30 a.m. in the Lion's Den.

Credit: Penn State

MEDIA, Pa. — Stand for State is a University-wide effort to reduce harm within our communities. The bystander intervention initiative encourages the Penn State community to take responsibility and action to maintain a safe living and learning environment. Penn State has partnered with the Green Dot organization for this program.    

Green Dot is an organization built on the premise that to measurably reduce harm in a community, a cultural shift is necessary. Green Dot empowers people to feel like they have a role in creating a safe environment. This organization works on the notion that a mass of people will need to engage in new, positive behaviors (which are considered “green dots”) that will make violence and harm (which are considered “red dots”) less likely in our community.  

Instructor certification training was offered to staff, faculty and administrators with plans for those trained to provide instruction and information to students and other staff across the University. The training was offered by Green Dot, which provides instructor certification institutes at universities, schools and communities across the country. Green Dot gives individuals the tools to address imminently high-risk situations, while also providing community mobilization strategies that complement work that is already being done on intervention, response, policy and enforcement. The Green Dot strategy is designed to establish two new cultural norms at Penn State: everyone deserves to be safe and everyone does their part to create a safe campus.

"The Green Dot training helped me to learn ways that I can be a bystander and also why it is so important that we recognize the role we all play in looking out for each other," Stephanie Jones, Penn State Brandywine's associate director of student affairs. "The training helped me to learn the strategies and resources to intervene if someone is in danger, and taught me how I can take the message of bystander intervention to empower others to combat sexual violence and help make our campus community safer. I am hopeful that the Brandywine community will embrace bystander intervention as a responsibility that we all can share."

Penn State plans to launch this initiative to the community by launching the “Stand for State” campaign. Activities and events affiliated with the campaign will be ongoing at Penn State Brandywine. The following is a full list of Stand for State happenings at Brandywine.

Penn State Brandywine spring 2016 schedule:

Jan. 26: Stand for State launch program
11:30 a.m., Lion’s Den
The official launch for Stand for State at Penn State Brandywine will include Green Dot informational tables, a photo booth with a green background and an opportunity for students to write messages about ways they can be a green dot at Brandywine. A Stand for State PowerPoint will also be presented with the chance for students to win Green Dot items.  

Jan. 26: 15-minute overview for staff
8 a.m., 113 Main

Feb. 24: 15-minute overview for faculty
12:30 p.m., Location TBD

March 22: 60-minute faculty/staff workshop
11:30 a.m., 216 Main

Rescheduled- April 16: Leadership Institute
9 a.m.-2 p.m., Tomezsko Lounge
The Leadership Institute will provide a four-hour workshop for student leaders.