Campus Program Liaisons

Main responsibilities to students include:

  1. change of major approvals
  2. transfer credits - initial review of degree audit
Major Adviser Phone Email
American Studies (B.A.) David Macualey 610-892-1424 [email protected]
Biology (B.S.) Elizabeth Dudkin   610-892-1459 [email protected]
Business (B.S.) Christina Olear  610-892-1451 [email protected]
Communication Arts & Sciences (B.A.) Joshua Phillips 610-892-1426 [email protected]
Communications (B.A.) Susan Fredricks 610-892-1373 [email protected]
Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations (B.S.)  John Andrew Landmesser 610-892-1284 JAL[email protected]
Engineering (B.S.) Maria Evans 610-892-1421 [email protected]

English (B.A.)

James Berkey


[email protected]

Human Development & Family Studies (B.S.) Michael Sturm    610-892-1323 [email protected]
Information Sciences and Technology (ISSCC) Nannette D'Imperio 610-892-1343 [email protected]
Letters Arts and Sciences (B.A.) Patricia Hillen 610-892-1372 [email protected]
Project & Supply Chain Management (B.S.) Christina Olear 610-892-1451 [email protected]
Psychology (B.A./B.S.) Joshua Marquit 610-892-1409 [email protected]
Campus Program Liaisons for Baccalaureate degrees completed on the Brandywine campus


Major Adviser Phone Email
Business Administration (A.S.) Francis Green 610-892-1448 [email protected]
Letters Arts and Sciences (A.A.) Paul deGategno 610-892-1465 [email protected]
Campus Program Liaisons and Academic Advisers for Associate degrees completed on the Brandywine campus