Brandywine scholarship recipients honored at luncheon

Penn State Brandywine's Office of Development recently hosted a luncheon to honor 103 scholarship recipients.

Each year Brandywine invites its student scholarship recipients and the donors of each endowed scholarship to a luncheon on campus to give each the opportunity to meet. Students are especially appreciative of the occasion for the chance to thank the donors for their generous contributions to their college experience.   

At the luncheon, guests were welcomed by Chancellor Kristin Woolever, with introductions and remarks made by Cynthia Lightfoot, director of Academic Affairs; Michael Mensah, sophomore student and recipient of the Edward S. J. Tomezsko scholarship; and Louann Campbell, a scholarship donor of the Mark and Louann Campbell Trustee Scholarship and friend of Penn State Brandywine. 

"I want the donors to know Brandywine students are taking advantage of your generosity," Woolever said. "They will make a difference in the world in part because of you."

Penn State Brandywine offers numerous scholarships and awards. During the 2014-15 academic year, 47 scholarships were awarded to students. Scholarships differ in a variety of ways. Some scholarships are interest specific while other scholarships may favor a nontraditional student. All scholarships, however, reward academic excellence and most require a GPA of 3.0 or better. 

For more information about scholarships at Brandywine, including giving opportunities, visit their website or call 610-892-1249.