Lights, Camera, One Button! One Button Studio Debuts at Penn State Brandywine

Whether you just have a class project or lecture to record or enjoy the limelight, the One Button Studio now available in the Vairo Library is a great resource for Penn State Brandywine's students, faculty and staff.

The One Button Studio is a simplified video recording studio. The Penn State Brandywine community will now be able to create high-quality video projects without having any previous video production experience.

"It's really quite simple," Susan Ware, head librarian of the Vairo Library, said. "All you need is a flash drive, any materials you may want for the recording, like a script, speech, or PowerPoint presentation, and then you push a single button to record."

It really is that simple. Users must bring a USB flash drive to the studio, keeping in mind to bring two USB flash drives if using a PowerPoint—one for the PowerPoint presentation and one for the recording. Users will have the option of choosing a background- a green or blue screen, a grey background or a backdrop. The USB flash drive should be inserted into the USB flash drive port to begin. Once inserted, the studio lights will turn on and the recording software will be launched. When prompted and ready to record, press the silver button, and a five second countdown will appear on the screen before recording begins. When finished recording, press the silver button again to stop the recording and save your presentation to the USB flash drive. Simply remove your USB flash drive, the studio lights will turn off and the studio is available to begin a new recording.

The One Button Studio does not provide an editing or playback computer. All recordings must be edited on a personal or library computer. If you are planning to insert a background using the green or blue screen, this must be completed using video editing software in the Media Commons.

Before your first One Button Studio recording, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Place the "Recording in Progress" sign on the door window to avoid any disruptions.
  • The studio is equipped with a green screen and a blue screen. If while recording the person on camera is wearing either color, the opposite color should be used as the backdrop.
  • When using a PowerPoint, there is a two-second delay before the next slide advance appears on the video.
  • If you have any suggestions for props to be used in the studio, please contact Ware.
  • It is best to record short, five-minute clips.
  • Try to memorize your speech as best as possible before recording.

The One Button Studio is located in the Vairo Library, room 201A. To reserve a time to use the studio, a reservation notebook is on the front desk in the library. All time slots are an hour long. For more information about the One Button Studio at Penn State visit the One Button Studio website.