Open to the public: Screening of 'Chasing Coral' at Brandywine campus

MEDIA, Pa. — On Sept. 27, the public is invited to enjoy a free screening of the film “Chasing Coral” at Penn State Brandywine. The screening will take place at 6 p.m. in Main Building Room 101.

“Chasing Coral,” a Netflix original documentary, explores the destruction of coral reefs around the globe and follows a collection of divers, photographers and scientists who set out to discover the source of reef endangerment.

The film took more than three years to shoot — including more than 500 hours underwater, submissions of footage from volunteers in 30 countries, and support from more than 500 people worldwide. It received widespread critical acclaim, including an award for best U.S. documentary at the Sundance Film Festival.

“The film addresses what is happening in our shallow ocean waters, specifically the impacts warming water temperatures and ocean acidification are having on reef communities,” said Brandywine Professor of Earth Sciences Laura Guertin, who also is a member of the campus Sustainability Committee. “It does an excellent job discussing how to communicate science to people that don’t see the changes happening.”

Following the film, viewers will have a chance to participate in a panel led by scientists from Brandywine and the Delaware County area.

Participants are asked to register for the screening prior to Sept. 27.