Penn State alumnus appointed to Brandywine Advisory Board

Chris Halliday

Penn State alumnus Chris Halliday, a patent attorney and partner at DLA Piper, has been appointed to the Penn State Brandywine Advisory Board.

Credit: Penn State

MEDIA, Pa. — Penn State alumnus Chris Halliday, a patent attorney and partner at DLA Piper, has been appointed to the Penn State Brandywine Advisory Board. Advisory Board members serve as ambassadors for the campus and provide guidance in many areas, including academic programs, student life, civic, government, and career pathways and preparation.

Halliday, who attended Penn State's University Park campus and earned two bachelor’s degrees in chemical engineering and biochemistry in 1995, was connected to Brandywine via Joe Kernen, retired partner at DLA Piper.

“I was part of the Engineering Advisory Board at University Park for many years and had a lot of fun with that. My term ended a little over a year ago, so I was looking for another opportunity to volunteer with Penn State. That’s when Joe Kernen stepped in,” he said.

“He and I worked together in Philadelphia at DLA Piper, and he told me he was part of the Brandywine Advisory Board and had been for some time. I told him I’d be happy to help, and it seemed like a natural fit.”

Halliday notes he is most looking forward to assisting with the Brandywine LaunchBox during his Advisory Board tenure.

“Being a patent attorney, I work with entrepreneurs very frequently, so I thought it would be a natural fit for me,” he said. “I’m also looking forward to helping Penn State Brandywine with achieving its overall goals. I want to insert myself into places where I can be of assistance and learn more as I go.”

During his time at Penn State, Halliday was involved in several organizations, most notably with Penn State cheerleading. During his four years on the squad, he cheered for football, men's and women’s basketball, and men's and women’s volleyball. In his final year, he was the male cheer captain of the team.

“I got to travel a lot during my time at Penn State. Wherever the Blue Band went, the cheerleading team went, too,” he said. “It was really neat. I got to meet a lot of interesting people and had a lot of fun experiences.”

Following his time at Penn State, Halliday went to law school at Franklin Pierce School of Law at the University of New Hampshire. After graduating, he began his more than 20-year law career at Morgan Lewis and Bockius in 2001. In 2022, he joined DLA Piper. He noted that Penn State aided him in his law career, stating how his involvement allowed him to communicate and form connections with so many people.

“I was involved in a lot of different activities during my time at Penn State because I enjoy talking to people. That’s what carried me through,” he said. “The developmental process that really started when I was an 18-year-old helped me all throughout college, through law school, and where I am today.”