Brandywine hosts annual faculty and staff awards luncheon

Dr. Wells speaking to crowd

Chancellor Marilyn J. Wells gave opening remarks at the Faculty and Staff Awards Luncheon on April 25.

Credit: Penn State

MEDIA, Pa. – The Penn State Brandywine Staff Advisory Council hosted the annual Faculty and Staff Appreciation and Awards Luncheon on April 25. The luncheon recognizes faculty and staff who have done extraordinary work for the campus.

“Our Faculty and Staff Appreciation and Awards Luncheon is a joyous time each spring where we gather to celebrate each other and those across our campus community who have really stood out in many areas in the past year,” said Chancellor Marilyn J. Wells.

“I am proud that our awards recognize both our full-time and part-time faculty and staff who are going above and beyond to make a difference for our students and campus community. Inspiration and innovation, exuberance and excellence abound among our people at Penn State Brandywine, and it is an honor to celebrate the best among us each spring!”

The following faculty and staff won the Connections Award for establishing connections between Brandywine students, faculty, staff and community members:

  • Jane Homan, library operations supervisor
  • Shruti Shrestha, assistant teaching professor of physics
  • Career Quest Planning Team
    • Christine Allen, coordinator, Career Services
    • Stephanie Jones, director, Student Affairs
    • Elizabeth Kearns, director, Housing & Food Services
    • Tony Mattei, director, Entrepreneurship & Digital Marketing
    • Jen Nesbitt, chief academic officer, Academic Affairs
    • Patton Vo, director, Campus Development

The following faculty and staff won the Equity Award, which recognizes exemplary work performance and achievement throughout the past year in diversity, equity and inclusion:

  • Niema Nelson, library services associate
  • Terrie Wong, assistant teaching professor of communication arts & sciences
  • Commission on LGBTQ+ Equity
    • Christina Billie, marketing communications specialist
    • Evan Bradley, associate professor of psychology & linguistics
    • Donald Brennan, assistant director, Residence Life
    • Ed Dixon, director, Counseling Services
    • Laura Evans, associate teaching professor of human development and family studies
    • Jane Homan, library operations supervisor
    • Kristen Schaubhut, part-time instructor of communication arts and sciences
    • Teresa Slobuski, head librarian, Library
    • Shane Sternberg, bursar
    • Patton Vo, director, Campus Development
    • Terrie Wong, assistant professor of communication arts and sciences
    • Kathleen Yanoshak, lecturer in accounting

The following faculty and staff won the Sustainability Award, which recognizes those who have shown their commitment to promoting a resilient campus, community or world:

  • Megann Hedgecock, lecturer in engineering
  • Julie Stanton, professor of business
  • Shane Sternberg, bursar
  • Maintenance Team
    • John Atkinson
    • Jason Nilon
    • Don Pannier
    • Jon Westman
    • John Whelan

The following staff were recognized with the Brandywine’s Best Award, which recognizes the exemplary services, work, innovation and excellence of staff members to the greater Brandywine community:

  • Colin Hiller, manager, Housing & Food Services
  • Maryam Khan, IT support specialist, Information Technology Services
  • Danielle Osborne, administrative assistant, Admissions

The following faculty members were recognized with awards:

  • D’Iorio Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentoring Award – Samantha Pezzimenti, assistant teaching professor of mathematics
  • D’Iorio Faculty Research Award – Kurt Kistler, associate teaching professor of chemistry, and Terrie Wong, assistant professor of communication arts and sciences
  • George W. Franz Advising and Mentoring Award – Matt Bodek, part-time instructor of information sciences and technology
  • Madlyn L. Hanes Faculty Award – Nannette D’Imperio, lecturer of information sciences and technology, and Andy Landmesser, associate teaching professor of information sciences and technology
  • The Excellence in Teaching Award for Part-Time Faculty – Drew Anderson and Kathryn Cleary, part-time instructors
  • The Excellence in Teaching Award – Michael Yatauro, associate professor of mathematics
  • Open and Affordable Educational Resources (OAER) Champion Award – Timothy Lawlor, professor of physics

The following faculty and staff were recognized for their years of service at Brandywine:

5 Years of Full-Time Service:

  • John Atkinson
  • Chamila Kalpani Dissanayake
  • Ed Dixon
  • Maryam Khan                  
  • Tracy Lea-Dorsey
  • Myeisha Matos
  • Jason Nilon
  • Zoia Pavlovskaia
  • Andrea Randolph
  • Maria Rivera

5 Years of Part-Time Service:

  • Joseph Buoni
  • Robyn Janczak
  • Matthew Marquit
  • Douglas McDermott
  • Zahra Mowafy
  • Frank Sinatha

10 Years of Full-Time Service:

  • Dennis Horsey
  • Joshua Marquit
  • Valerie Mendez-Gallardo
  • Jeff Scarpone
  • Marina Skyers
  • Michael Sturm
  • Karen Theveny

10 Years of Part-Time Service:

  • Deborah Braak
  • Cynthia Gill
  • Lynelle Mosley

15 Years of Full-Time Service:

  • Christine Brown
  • Shanida Lukis
  • Kimberly Schultz
  • Martin Yeh
  • Jennifer Zosh

15 Years of Part-Time Service:

  • Christopher McGrath
  • Juliet Scavello

20 Years of Full-Time Service:

  • Charles Daly
  • Robin Stokes

20 Years of Part-Time Service:

  • Lawrence Smythe

25 Years of Full-Time Service:

  • Maureen Fielding

30 Years of Full-Time Service:

  • Paul Greene