Penn State Brandywine to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

MEDIA, Pa. — Penn State Brandywine will celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a series of events starting on Friday, Sept. 15, and ending on Sunday, Oct. 15. All events are open to Penn State students, faculty and staff.

Música and Independencia: Latinx CelebrationSept. 15, noon-1:30 p.m., Student Union 114-117. Join the Latinx Club in kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month. They will be showcasing different genres of Latin American music and presenting information about independence across Latin America.  

Lotería and GamesSept. 19, 5-6:30 p.m., Student Union Parsons Hall. Come play and learn about Lotería, a traditional game found in many Latinx communities. Loteria is a bingo-style game, brought into Latin America by Spain, that has evolved throughout time and is now found in parties and family gatherings.  

Nuestras Historias: Intergenerational Trauma, Resiliency and Growth with Maria Jose Sotomayor-GiacomucciSept. 25, noon-1 p.m., Student Union 114-117. This presentation will help participants understand intergenerational trauma, identifying intergenerational, community and personal strengths. Participants will also learn about personal growth after trauma and self-care. Sotomayor-Giacomucci will include insights of this topic from her experience working with the Latinx community. We invite you to join this experiential workshop with openness.

Latine/Latinx – Why it Matters with Nelson Gomez-TorresOct. 3, noon-1:30 p.m., Student Union 114-117. Join Nelson Torres-Gomez, lead coordinator at GALAEI, in a thought-provoking journey of discovery as we unravel the meaning and significance behind the terms "Latinx" and "Latine." Join us for an enlightening event that delves into the evolution of language and identity within the Latin American and Latinx/Latine communities.

Rompiendo y Perneando: Reggaetón, Hip Hop, History and Political Resistance in Puerto Rico –  Dr. Carla Santamaria – Oct. 16, 12:15-1:30 p.m., Student Union 114-117. Explore the rich tapestry of Puerto Rico's musical history, from Reggaetón to hip hop, and discover how these genres have been intertwined with political resistance. Dr. Santamaria's insightful lecture promises to unveil the captivating blend of music, culture and activism that has shaped Puerto Rico's identity.