Road to Commencement: Kennesha Busby

Kennesha Busby

Kennesha Busby will receive her bachelor of science degree in biology at Brandywine’s upcoming spring commencement ceremony. 

Credit: Penn State

Name: Kennesha Busby
Major: Biology
Minor: English
Graduation Date: May 8, 2021

Kennesha Busby, who will receive her bachelor of science degree in biology at Penn State Brandywine’s spring commencement ceremony on May 8, reflects on her time as a student at Brandywine.

Busby: I found Penn State Brandywine by chance really. I was researching what Penn State had to offer, and I was surprised and excited by all the options and opportunities that were available. Being from the small island of Anguilla, I felt unsure about attending a large campus like University Park. After doing some more research online about the different campus locations, I thought Brandywine would be a good fit. Having never visited the campus in person, I took a chance — I never regretted it.

When I first started at Brandywine, I didn't know anyone. Everything was completely new to me and it was certainly an adjustment from being back home. But in a really short period of time, I felt like I was a part of a community and I was welcomed, not only by the students on campus, but by the staff and faculty members.

I’ve been involved throughout my four years at Brandywine, and I think the small campus size made it easier to find those opportunities. This semester I'm president of the Multicultural Club, diversity chair of the Student Government Association, a peer tutor for the writing studio, student assistant for the Office of Multilingual and International Student Programs, mentor for the PAL Program, secretary of the Brandywine Music Association, and I'm also involved in the Brandywine Events and Activities Support Team.

I would say that one of my greatest accomplishment during my time at Brandywine is being a student leader. If I had come to Brandywine and focused on just my academics, I don’t think my experience would have been as worthwhile as it has been with those leadership experiences. I'm always encouraging other students to be involved. It really makes your campus experience even more meaningful.

Being a part of the Brandywine community has meant so much to me. I felt accepted from the very start. It doesn't matter who you are or where you are from — there's just so much love and warmth here. I feel at home, I feel like I have a family here, I feel like I'm supported and people really care.