When it comes to our students, Penn State Brandywine has a lot to brag about!

Campus Schreyer Scholars Teron Meyers and Lindley Jones represented not just our campus, but the entire University at an event in Harrisburg on March 24. The "Undergraduate Research at the Capitol - Pennsylvania" conference showcased exceptional and award-winning research projects completed by undergraduate students throughout the state. Penn State was permitted to send four students - and of the four, two of them were ours! Teron and Lindley presented their research projects to legislators and their staffs, as well as other students and faculty. Congratulations to both of them for achieving this honor and bringing pride to our campus.

Also last week, six honors scholars -- Jennifer Choi, Teron Meyers, James Wang, Paul Cheung, Chris Collins, and Kyle Lauser -- presented their research at the 2009 Northeast Regional Honors Conference in Annapolis, Maryland.  The students presented their posters and talks with professionalism and poise; in fact, we received several compliments on the quality of their questions and their remarkable conference participation.  Congratulations to these students for doing a wonderful job at the conference!


At the State Capitol:
Lindley Jones (w/co-authors Emily Robb, Matthew Liskowycz, Rocco Arena), "Capturing the sun through advanced technology."
Teron Meyers, "Smithsonian dinosaur type specimens."

Teron Meyers and Lindley Jones about to enter the state Capitol in Harrisburg.

Teron Meyers with Senator Edwin Erickson at his poster.

At the NRHC Conference:
Kyle Lauser, "A proposal to eliminate urban hunger with community involvement and an innovative food distribution system."
James Wang, "Effect of ECG electrodes on ECG signal detection and interpretation."
Jennifer Choi, "Using the grid system to document Smithsonian dinosaur type specimens."
Christopher Collins, "The deconstruction of America's middle class: an attack on the heart!"
Teron Meyers, "Cultivating the Arts at Penn State Brandywine."
Paul Cheung, "The contradictions of a 'one country, two systems' policy."

Students at the Annapolis waterfront during the Northeast Regional Honors Conference (2009). 
From left to right:  James Wang, Paul Cheung, Teron Meyers, Jen Choi, Chris Collins.  Back row:  Kyle Lauser.