Penn State Brandywine Adds New Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

As psychology continues its rise in popularity among college students, this fall Penn State Brandywine will begin offering a bachelor's degree in the field to meet the needs and interests of current and prospective students.

The bachelor of psychology degree program will combine the knowledge, skills and values of psychology with a liberal arts foundation.

"A degree in psychology is an excellent path for those who wish to help others," said Director of Academic Affairs Paul deGategno. "The possibilities are endless for students who pursue careers in this diverse field. They will have the opportunity to work in organizational development or human resource management, among many other options. We're excited to be adding to the diversity of our campus academic offerings and know students will welcome this new career choice."

The program will examine how humans think, feel and behave in courses focusing on clinical, social and developmental psychology, as well as personality development. A capstone course is required during each student's final year of study and will focus on his or her experiences in the form of a thesis, internship or research project. Working closely with a faculty member, students will develop valuable writing and research skills.

The program provides students the choice to pursue a bachelor of arts degree, which will offer broad exposure to the many facets of the field, or a bachelor of science degree, which provides the same exposure with added science or business options to suit students' specific career goals.

The program's real-world experiences will help build resumes, provide valuable skills and lessons and prepare students for work in human service agencies, personnel, industrial settings, laboratories or continued training in graduate and professional studies, such as medical and law school.

"I am delighted that Penn State Brandywine is adding a four-year program in psychology to its degree portfolio," said Cynthia Lightfoot, professor of human development and family studies, and campus coordinator of the psychology major.  "Students interested in a variety of career fields or in continuing their studies in graduate or professional school will now be able to complete the baccalaureate psychology degree at the Brandywine campus."

For more information on the program, contact Cynthia Lightfoot at 610-892-1432.