Class receives scholarship, hosts events to raise funds for charities

This year, students in Instructor in Marketing Lori Elias' Business Negotiations class hosted a number of charitable and awareness events on campus that raised more than $500 for various causes.

The class was awarded the Rosenberg Civic Engagement Scholarship, which provided the funds for the students to plan a number of initiatives on campus throughout the year. 

There were many teachable moments during the planning and implementation of these events," Elias said, "but one of them was negotiating with each other for their portion of the seed money in exchange for other resources or needs. Another was educating each other on causes about which each student is passionate."

After pitching their ideas and negotiating with classmates, each team chose their beneficiaries and started the journey of "daily business negotiations" with classmates, campus faculty and staff, and several persons and businesses off campus as needed to pull together successful events, Elias added. "They secured EMTs, donors for food (not paid for by the scholarship), facilities and many other resources that might surprise you."

One of the teams, Team Komen, sold various items on campus to raise money in the support of Breast Cancer Research.

Team Red hosted a whiffle ball tournament and sold various items to raise awareness of and money for multiple sclerosis. The event, called Strike Out MS, was held on the campus lawn.

Team Awesome and the Dog Team pooled their resources to promote awareness of and raise money for the Delaware County SPCA. The groups sold a number of items and held fun events on campus to raise money for their cause.

Team Somaly Mam hosted a dodgeball tournament to raise awareness of and money for the rescue of victims of human sex trafficking.