Instructor wins award for research at national conference

Penn State Brandywine Instructor in Chemistry and Physics Timothy Niiler received the award for "Best Poster" alongside a group of collaborators from A.I. duPont at the Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society (GCMAS) Conference held in Cincinnati, Ohio in May.

Niiler and his colleagues researched the variability in pedobarography (foot pressure) measurements to better understand the clinical significance of any observed differences. "It is now common practice to use foot pressure data to guide clinical decision-making regarding surgical interventions in patients with foot deformities or other orthopedic problems," he explained. "Having a sense of the true uncertainty of foot pressure measures allows researchers and clinicians to determine if any measured changes in foot pressures are clinically important, if a treatment plan is warranted or if an intervention has worked as intended."

poster on variabililty in pedobarogrphy

Niiler's work was among 89 posters in the areas of orthopedics, sports, rehabilitation, assistive devices, pathological motion, upper extremity, normal motion, neurology and modeling. Posters were judged based on originality; quality and completeness of methodological approach; quality of text, tables and figures and potential for the research to influence clinical practice.

According to its website, the Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society is a multi-disciplinary organization of physicians, allied health professionals, engineers, biomechanists and scientists working together to advance scientific knowledge, technical capabilities and clinical practice in the field of human movement.

Poster award certificate