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?Please note that the deadline for all nominations is February 21, 2014.

Distinguished Teacher Award

This year's Distinguished Teacher Award will be presented at the Honors Convocation in March 2014. Please consider nominating a teacher with whom you have worked at Penn State Brandywine - someone who has made a strong impression on you and who deserves to be honored for his or her expertise and contributions. All full-time faculty members and librarians are eligible for the award, with the exception of the members of the selection committee, which consists of Charles Helou, Jennifer Zosh and Kathy Meehan.

Past recipients of the Distinguished Teacher Award: Charles Helou 2012, Steve Cimbala 2011, Jennifer Zosh 2010, Katherine Meehan 2009, Seongeun Kim 2008, Arnold Markley 2007, Charles Helou 2006.

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Part-time Teacher Award

Our part-time faculty members at Penn State Brandywine have made a vital contribution to the developing and delivering of our academic curriculum since the founding of the campus, and they continue to make an enormous contribution to the successes of our students and our academic programming. The Part-Time Faculty Award was created to recognize a member of our part-time faculty who makes an exceptional contribution to our students and to our academic community through his or her outstanding teaching, advising and service. All part-time faculty members are eligible for the award, with the exception of the members of the selection committee, which consist of Patricia Hillen and Alan Randzin. 

Past recipients for the Teaching Award for Part-time Faculty: Alan Randzin 2013, Patricia O'Brien and Christopher Neeb, 2011; Jean McKay 2010

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Madlyn L. Hanes Faculty Award

The 2013 Hanes Award Committee, consisting of Kimberly Blockett, Paul Greene and Elizabeth Dudkin, is now soliciting nominations for the Madlyn L. Hanes Faculty Award. This award was established in 1998 by the campus faculty as an expression of appreciation to former Director of Academic Affairs Dr. Madlyn L. Hanes. The Award was created to provide recognition to a full-time faculty member of the Penn State Brandywine campus who has made an outstanding contribution to the campus community through exceptional achievement in teaching, research, scholarship, creative activity or service. All full-time faculty members, except those serving on the selection committee, are eligible to receive the award this year. Please indicate clearly in your statement of nomination why the nominee deserves the award and please include evidence to support your nomination.

Past recipients of the Madlyn L. Hanes Faculty Award: Kimberly Blockett 2013, Paul Greene 2012, Elizabeth Dudkin 2011, Cynthia Lightfoot  2010, Patricia Hillen 2009, Constance Kirker 2008, Katherine Meehan 2007

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George W. Franz Advising and Mentoring Award

The George W. Franz Advising and Mentoring Award Committee, consisting of Robin Stokes, Sharon Manco and Ivan Esparragoza, is now soliciting nominations for this year's award. This award honors and recognizes faculty or staff at Penn State Brandywine who have, over a period of time, excelled in helping others recognize and achieve their potential.

Consideration for this annual award is given to any employee of the Brandywine campus who has a record of continued outstanding mentoring or advising service exemplified by participation in mentoring/advising activities that go beyond his or her employment requirements. Mentoring others is defined as advising, facilitating, encouraging and/or paving the way for others to recognize and realize their potential in their personal and professional endeavors. All Brandywine faculty and staff are eligible for the award, with the exception of the members of the selection committee.

Past recipients of the he George W. Franz Advising and Mentoring Award: Laura Guertin 2013,  Robin Stokes 2012, Sharon Manco 2011, Richard Barrett 2010, Gordon Crompton 2009, Ivan Esparragoza 2008

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Faculty Research Program Award

The Faculty Research Program Award honors and recognizes scholarly or creative excellence in any area of the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, business or communication. It rewards a substantial series of contributions or a single exceptional contribution to any of these areas. Consideration for this award is given to all full-time faculty of Penn State Brandywine, and is based only on scholarly or creative excellence and achievements. All full-time faculty members are eligible for the award, with the exception of the members of the selection committee, which consists of Laura Guertin, Djuradj Stakic, Adam Sorkin and Steve Cimbala.

Past recipients of the Faculty Research Program Award:  Laura Guertin and Djuradj Stakic 2013, Adam Sorkin 2012, Steve Cimbala 2011, Phyllis Cole 2010

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Undergraduate Faculty Research Award

The Brandywine Awards Committee is now seeking nominations for the Undergraduate Faculty Research Award. The purpose of this award is to recognize a full-time faculty member who has contributed substantially to the research engagement of our students as evidenced by activities such as obtaining funding for projects that include significant student participation and faculty-student co-authored presentations or publications. Nominees should also have a history of reaching out to diverse student populations and incorporating research activities in their teaching. Please take a moment to consider your own, and your colleagues' contributions to our important mission of mentoring young scholars through research engagement.

Past recipients of the Undergraduate Faculty Research Award:  Timothy Lawlor 2013, Cynthia Lightfoot 2012,  John Tierney 2011, Michael DeRosa 2010, Laura Guertin 2009

Enter your nomination or self-nomination for the Undergraduate Faculty Research Award online. (Please note that a separate award for student researchers, the Undergraduate Student Research Award, is coordinated by the campus Undergraduate Research Committee).