Martin Yeh

Tomezsko, 207H
25 Yearsley Mill Road
Media, PA 19063

Dr. Martin Yeh received his B.S. in Computer Science and Information Engineering from Tamkang University in Taiwan, and his M.Eng. in Computer Science and Engineering and Ph.D. in Instructional Systems (now Learning and Performance Systems) from the Pennsylvania State University.

As a multidisciplinary researcher, Dr. Yeh's interests include applying learning theory and practice in building intelligent tutoring systems for better learning outcomes, using computer science. He is involved in projects, funded by ONR, to improve and to build tutors for more effective training and learning transfer.

He is also working on a project, funded by NSF, to investigate software features that are difficult for programmers to comprehend or use and to mitigate or transform such features through cognitive engineering, software engineering, and education.

Dr. Yeh has more than 20 years of programming experience and is familiar with many programming languages and systems. As an IT practitioner, he works on software development projects for experience and fun in his spare time. He maintains an iOS app, named Caffeine Zone 2, which arose from a research project. He enjoys learning new software design methodologies and frameworks and technology in general.

When teaching and coaching students, Dr. Yeh likes to use his professional and academic experiences to help students develop their own career and path in IT. Ultimately, he wants to have a positive impact on students' life during and after their college experience.