Andrea Randolph-Krisova

Andrea Randolph-Krisova
Assistant Teaching Professor, Kinesiology
Commons/Athletic Center, 110
25 Yearsley Mill Road
Media, PA 19063

Ed.D., Health Education, Columbia University, New York, NY

M.Ed., Applied Exercise Physiology, Columbia University, New York, NY

M.A. and B.A. Physical Education and Social Studies, University of Presov, Slovakia

B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies, Magna Cum Laude, Touro College

Carpenter, P., Stylianides, K., Weiler-Timmins, R., Randolph-Krisova, A., Sprinkle, K., & Angulo-Barrosso, R. (2021). No One Is on an Island: Connecting, Collaborating, and Coping During the Pandemic, Kinesiology Review, 10(4), 443-448. Retrieved Feb 9, 2022, from

Neupauer, Z.; Kahatova, B., Randolph-Krisova, A. (2021). (Ne)viditeľné svety alebo ako nazerať na závislosti za katedrou: O podpore duševnej odolnosti učiteľstva. (In) visible worlds or how to perceive teachers' substance use disorders: Teachers’ mental health support. Metodicko-pedagogické centrum, SPK 337550. Bratislava, Slovakia.

Randolph-Krisova, A., Stylianides, K. (2023, February). De-stressing Activities Within Our Instructional Space. Presentation at Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy. Virginia Tech University. Blacksburg, Virginia.

Randolph-Krisova, A., Stylianides, K. (2022, April). Wellness within College and University Instructional Physical Activity Programs. Presentation at the Shape America National Convention and Expo. New Orleans, LA.

Stylianides, K., Randolph-Krisova, A., Weiler-Timmins, Rebecca, Sprinkle, K (2021, January). Best practices – Promoting Wellness on your Campus. Presentation at SHAPE America National Convention & Expo, Virtual.

Sprinkle, K., Stylianides, K., Randolph-Krisova, A., Weiler-Timmins, Rebecca (2021, January). Pandemic Silver Lining:  Power of Collaboration Between Kinesiology Faculty Across Campuses. Presentationat the Main Workshop at American Kinesiology Association. Virtual.

Stylianides, K., Randolph-Krisova, A. (2020, January). Campus programs to promote physical activity and wellness. Round Table presentation at the American Kinesiology Association, Tampa, FA.

Kines 160N/ Biol 160N Exercise Physiology
Kines 96 Independent Study in Physical Activity
Kines 92 Personal Fitness and Wellness
Kines 83 Exercise for Stress Management
Kines 82 Action Methods for Stress Management
Kines 81 Wellness Theory
Kines 68 Resistance Training
Kines 62 Introduction to Cardiovascular Activities
Kines 61 Fitness Theory and Practice
Kines 12 Snowsports: Snowboarding
Kines 11 Snowsport: Downhill Skiing
PSU 16 First Year Seminar