Penn State Brandywine Staff Advisory Council


The Staff Advisory Council will: 

  • Advise and assist the Chancellor in fulfilling the mission and strategic directions of Penn State Brandywine.
  • Provide a forum for exchanging ideas for the purposes of enhancing the work environment for all campus staff and fulfilling the mission of the campus.  

  • Recommend new initiatives and revisions to current practices to promote a climate of continuous improvement and student success  

  • Advocate for staff to promote a sense of belonging, shared identity, and wellbeing, and promote professional fulfillment 

Executive Board  

Chair – Bobbi Caprice
Secretary – Matthew Bodek  
Treasurer – Jasmaine Price-Thornton 


For a copy of the Staff Advisory Council By-Laws, please email [email protected].

Submit a Suggestion or Topic of Concern

The Staff Advisory Council accepts suggestions and topics of concern from Penn State Brandywine staff in the course of carrying out its mission. Submissions may be anonymous, but please submit your name and email address if you’d like the SAC to have an opportunity to follow up with you.  

Please provide enough detail to facilitate discussion at a Council meeting.