Academic Action Plan

This form is intended for students experiencing academic difficulty in consultation with your Academic Advisor or campus Academic Recovery Specialist.  The primary purpose is to help students reflect on contributing factors and identify specific actions that may lead to improved performance.

Checklist Section 1: Motivation
Checklist Section 2: Courses and Education Goal(s)
Checklist Section 3: Campus Supports and Environment
Checklist Section 4: Health or Personal Concerns
Checklist Section 5: Studying
Checklist Section 6: Time Management
Checklist Section 7: Other Concerns

List your top 3-5 areas of concern and the specific strategies you will use to improve your GPA:

(example: I was diagnosed with a learning disability and never used services)
(example: see the Student Disability Resource person on campus to set up accommodations)

Please check to acknowledge you have read and understand the following statements:

I understand that if while on academic warning I fail to maintain a 2.00 (or higher) semester GPA, I will be academically suspended and will not be able to schedule classes at Penn State for two consecutive semesters.
I understand that if while on Suspension I fail to maintain a 2.0 (or higher) semester GPA, I will be dismissed and will not be able to return to Penn State until 4 calendar years have passed, under the Academic Renewal policy.
I understand that a registration hold has been placed on my account and in order to have the hold lifted I must complete this action plan and meet with my Academic Adviser or Recovery Specialist to discuss goals and a plan for improvement.

The Advisor or Recovery Specialist must approve each student’s Academic Reflection and Plan, and will add an advising note into Starfish, and authorize the Registrar/Advising Office to release an academic registration hold placed on students in Academic Warning or Suspension. Students should receive a copy of the entire document for their records, to discuss with their academic advisors, as needed.

Upon completion, the student must submit this form to the Advising and Career Services (104 Main Building) or Brandywine Registrar’s office (105 Main) in order for the hold to be lifted.

As per Penn State University Faculty Senate Policy 54-00 Academic Progress, students will be placed on academic warning if the student fails to earn a 2.00 (or higher) cumulative GPA. A student in academic warning who fails to maintain a 2.00 (or higher) semester GPA will be academically suspended (may not schedule classes) for two consecutive semesters (summer session counts as one semester).

54-00 Academic Progress

To graduate, a degree candidate must complete the requirements for the candidate’s major and earn at least a C (2.00) average for all courses taken at this University as stated in 82-40, subject to the conditions of 51-00.

When a student fails to make adequate progress towards meeting and maintaining this 2.00 grade-point average, various academic progress statuses are used to serve as notification of such failure and to assist the student in correcting his/her academic difficulties. These statuses include academic warning (54-20) and academic suspension (54-40) and are summarized in the table below.

Status at beginning of semester* Cumulative GPA at end of semester Semester GPA Status at end of semester
Good Standing 2.00 or higher 2.00 or higher Good Standing
Good Standing 2.00 or higher Less than 2.00 ± Good Standing
Good Standing Less than 2.00 Less than 2.00 Academic Warning
Academic Warning 2.00 or higher  2.00 or higher  Good Standing
Academic Warning Less than 2.00 2.00 or higher  Academic Warning
Academic Warning Less than 2.00 Less than 2.00 Academic Suspension

± Students receive a notification of changes to academic standing from the university Registrar and their enrollment units.


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