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George W. Franz Advising and Mentoring Award

The George W. Franz Advising and Mentoring Award Committee honors and recognizes faculty or staff members at Penn State Brandywine who have, over a period of time, excelled in mentoring others; that is, advising, facilitating, encouraging and/or paving the way for others to recognize and realize their potential in their personal and professional endeavors.

Consideration for this annual award is given to any employee of the Brandywine campus who has a record of continued outstanding mentoring or advising service exemplified by participation in mentoring/advising activities that go beyond his or her employment requirements.  Deadline for award nominations is February 22, 2013.

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Faculty Research Program Award

The Faculty Research Program Award was created to honor and recognize scholarly or creative excellence in any area of the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, business, or communication. It rewards a substantial series of contributions or a single exceptional contribution to any of these areas. Consideration for this award is given to all full-time faculty of Penn State Brandywine, and is based only on scholarly or creative excellence and achievements. 

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Undergraduate Faculty Research Award

Independent research represents one of the highest achievements of undergraduate student learning both for students and faculty.  Completing serious, high-quality research requires critical thinking, analysis, and creativity.  Recognizing these qualities builds leadership and promotes excellence.  Full-time faculty who have published or presented their work with undergraduates are welcome to apply. Award candidates will have established an outstanding record of research as shown by: (a) obtaining funding that includes student participation, (b) publishing, (c) presenting their work with undergraduate coauthors. Additionally, they will have shown evidence of reaching out to diverse populations and bringing research type activities into the classroom. Faculty winning this award will stand out as role models and leaders at Penn State Brandywine. This award is presented to an outstanding faculty member for his or her involvement in undergraduate research at Penn State Brandywine.

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