Tips for Success

Career Fairs allow you to make face-to-face contact with various recruiters for current and future opportunities. Here are some tips to help you.

Videos to help you

Before the Fair

  • Review the Directory to see participating organizations and their positions
  • Determine which employers are of interest to you. Make a prioritized list of who you will visit.
  • Log in to Nittany Lion Careers (NLC) or their website to their find job/internship postings.
  • Prepare to wear proper attire, a business suit and dress shoes
  • Print enough resumes for the organizations that interest you.
  • Develop an introductory statement to use as you meet employers.
  • Meet with Career Services staff to review your resume in 104 Main. Special walk-in hours are listed on the Fairs webpage.
  • Research the organizations that interest you via some or all: their website, LinkedIn and/or Hoover’s 
  • Prepare to ask informed questions. Rather than, “What positions do you have?” state “I noticed on your jobs webpage / NLC, you show… Can you tell me what qualities you are looking for in your candidates?”

To Really Impress Them

  • Create a cover letter for any employers/positions in which you are very interested.
  • Create a professional LinkedIn account and add your customized link to your resume.
  • Review your strengths, skills, goals, and interests and consider how they relate to specific positions available.  

At the Fair

  • If this is your first fair and you are nervous, you might start with some of your lower priority companies to become comfortable with the process.  Move onto your higher priority companies as you gain confidence.
  • Display confidence - approach employers, extend your hand, smile and introduce yourself. Be prepared to ask questions. Employers will want to see how you utilize your interpersonal communication skills.
  • Express interest and enthusiasm. Provide employers with a copy of your resume and convey how you are a good fit for the position / organization.
  • Thank recruiters for their time and ask for their business card so you can follow-up.
  • Collect company information for further research. Help yourself to giveaways after you’ve had a conversation.

After the Fair