Psychology Minor

The Psychology minor is designed to provide undergraduate students with a broad overview of psychology topics, skills and research methods. It offers students a strong foundation in psychology and deeper knowledge of the research and theory behind one or two specific domains within the field.

Students completing this minor will choose from a flexible selection of psychology coursework. The content domains from which students may select courses include biological, clinical, cognitive, developmental, environmental, health, industrial-organizational and social psychology. Students may choose courses that empathize theory or application of psychological principles. A number of these courses examine the applications of psychological research to current societal issues.


Prescribed Courses (7 credits total, Sem: 1-4)

  • PSYCH 100: Introductory Psychology (3 credits)
  • PSYCH 301W: Basic Research Methods in Psychology* (4 credits)

Additional Courses (11 credits total, Sem: 5-8)

  • Select 11 additional credits in PSYCH (at least six credits of which must be courses at the 400 level).

For more information contact Pauline Thompson: 610-892-1377, [email protected] or Joshua Marquit: 610-892-1409, [email protected].

* The required research methods course, PSYCH 301W, has a statistics prerequisite that can be met by either PSYCH 200 or STAT 200. STAT 200 does not count toward the minimum 18 credits required for the minor. A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor.