English Minor

More than ever before, employers in all fields—business, public service, the sciences, and the arts—expect their new hires to be excellent communicators. Penn State’s English minor is a perfect opportunity for students in every major to enhance their four-year degrees with a strong foundation in writing, critical thinking, effective communication, and creativity. 

The minor also offers students a study of literature where one will encounter new perspectives and experiences, and through literature, a glimpse into history, culture, imagination, and social perspectives that will make them more well-rounded scholars.

This 18-credit program uses courses in writing and literature to equip students with workplace-ready analytical, organizational, and communication skills—while encouraging a well-rounded appreciation for literature as an art form.

Since Brandywine offers classes in business writing, classic literature, creative writing, scientific writing, technical writing and more, the minor is highly customizable, allowing students to pick the genres that will most benefit their future careers.


The English minor is an 18-credit program (typically six classes). Any combination of English literature and writing courses is acceptable. English courses that satisfy part of a student's General Education Requirements may be "double-counted" as part of the English minor.


Technology and globalization have changed many aspects of the business world, including how, where, and when we communicate. These changes make an English minor a true asset to students in any field. Brandywine’s English minor can easily be paired with any of the campus’ four-year degrees, including:

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