Civic and Community Engagement Minor

Penn State’s intercollege minor in Civic and Community Engagement uses classroom learning to empower students to serve alongside their communities. The minor uses a balanced program of fieldwork experience and supporting coursework to help Brandywine students integrate democratic principles, awareness of public issues, and understanding of civic purpose into their academic and professional careers. 

This minor is one of the most flexible programs offered at Penn State, focusing on experiential learning and creative approaches to civic involvement. Students apply, test, analyze and reformulate academic material in the context of public issues and community settings. The program emphasizes “learning-by-doing,” which allows students to practice civil responsibility, gain insight into the personal values of others and further develop their career interests and personal goals.


Prescribed Courses
CIVCM 211: Foundations of Civic and Community Engagement (3 credits)

Supporting Courses and Related Areas
Supervised Field Experience (Semester 5-8, minimum 3 credits) 
Public Issues and Democracy Courses (3-6 credits)
Courses selected in consultation with your minor adviser (3-6 credits) 

Public Scholarship Capstone: 3 credits at 400-level (Semester 7-8)


Meet with the CIVCM coordinator, Lynn Hartle: [email protected], 610-892-1492. The coordinator will walk you through every step involved, including:

  • Registering for CIVCM 211
  • Filling out a CIVCM minor application (see here
  • Choosing the CIVCM minor in LionPATH
  • Completing the minor capstone project


The Civic and Community Engagement minor gives students an opportunity for students to extend their education beyond the classroom through engagement in socially meaningful public scholarship—an opportunity that will strongly enhance any four-year degree. Since many industries now emphasize public service as part of the corporate experience, this minor will benefit students in a variety of post-graduation settings. It can easily be paired with any of Brandywine’s twelve four-year degrees.

For more information about the minor, visit the program website or contact Lynn Hartle: [email protected], 610-892-1492