Resumes and Cover Letters

Cover Letters

When should a cover letter be sent? Always! There are few exceptions, like when you are applying online and there is no method for submitting a cover letter. Another might be at Career Fairs. However, even then, including a cover letter with your resume proves to the employer that you've done your homework (it is customized for them after all) and that you are enthusiastic about the possibility of working for them. Access sample cover letters and instructions


When applying for positions with the government, a multiple page resume is acceptable. Human Resources professionals in the business world, however, prefer a one page resume. To accomplish this, start by creating a master resume with as many pages as needed, then copy and revise the copy to correspond with a specific job posting. Revisions involve developing an objective that matches the position desired, and changing the order and content of your resume based on this objective. Most relevant information should be moved near the top. Access sample resumes and instructions and use this template to build your resume.