The interview is one of the most important steps in the job search process. It is your chance to elaborate on how your education, skills , and experience meet the employer’s needs to ultimately earn the job offer.

Interview Preparation

Learn how to prepare for interviews, types of interview questions and multiple ways to make a great impression.

Video Tips

Learn how to answer common questions and be successful in a virtual interview. Practice Interviews
Conduct practice interviews in the privacy of your own space and then optionally share with peers or a career coach in Career Services to help critique your skills. This is an extremely valuable tool for becoming aware of body language and filler sounds (um, like, you know). Use this resource to raise self-awareness and improve your image and others' perceptions of you. All recorded interviews remain private unless shared.

Negotiating Your Salary

Here are 4 reasons why you should negotiate after an offer has been made and before you accept:

1. Your current salary will be the basis for your next performance review, promotion or job.

2. Negotiating your salary will allow you to earn more now and in the long run.

3. Negotiating helps to close the pay gap (for women, underrepresented, etc.)

4. Negotiating shows an employer that you know your worth, and when done right, earns respect.

Learn how to negotiate your salary after an offer has been made.