Kristen Goessling

Kristen Goessling
Commons/Athletic Center, 219
25 Yearsley Mill Road
Media, PA 19063

Kristen P. Goessling received her B.A. from the University of Missouri, Columbia, her M.S. from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR, and her Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.  Dr. Goessling has over 15 years of field-based, professional experience as a mental health counselor, community-based therapist and social worker.  In each of these capacities, her focus was on advocacy work with families, children, and adolescents from underserved populations.  Dr. Goessling’s professional background has greatly influenced her scholarship and teaching.

Dr. Goessling’s interdisciplinary scholarship is grounded in critical and sociocultural theory and spans the fields of child and youth development, qualitative research methods and critical youth studies.  Central to all of her research is the understanding that people are active cultural producers in relation to the social practices and systems in which they are embedded.  Her work utilizes collaborative and visual research methods that seek to amplify participant voices and perspectives.

Dr. Goessling has two complimentary lines of research.  The first area draws on her research experiences with Indigenous communities on issues of equity and access to health and educational opportunities.  This research is also driven by a desire to better prepare future educators, counselors, and social workers for careers in a multicultural and global society.  Her second area of research utilizes a sociocultural perspective to investigate how participation in art and activism facilitates young people’s construction of knowledge, identities and values.  Specifically, she examines how youth cultivate personal and social change through social relationships and creative practices.  Dr. Goessling is passionate about engaging with students, communities, and young people as co-researchers.  She strives to facilitate transformative dialogue across differences both in and outside of the classroom. 

Research Interests: Critical youth studies; creativity and development; sociocultural theories of learning and development; civic engagement and activism; identity construction; youth participatory action research; and qualitative methodologies.   

Select Publications

Goessling, K. P. (2019, Nov.). Youth participatory action research, trauma, and the arts: Designing youthspaces for equity and healing. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 33(1).

Marshall, S. K., Goessling, K. P., & Young, R. A. (2018). Researching the transition to high school for adolescents with a disability: Qualitative action-project method as an exemplar approach. International Journal of Disability, Development and Education.

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Goessling, K. P. (2017). Youth learning to be activists: Constructing “places of possibility” together. Critical Questions in Education, 8(4), 418-437.

Goessling, K. P. (2017). Resisting and reinforcing neoliberalism: Youth activist organizations and youth participation in the contemporary Canadian context. Mind, Culture, and Activity, 24(3), 199-216.

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Book Chapters

Goessling, K. P. (forthcoming, 2019). Participatory action research: Re-imagining the study and transformation of social problems. In A. Marvasti, & J. Treviño (Eds.), Researching Social Problems. Routledge.

Roy, L. A., & Goessling, K. P. (forthcoming, 2019). Problematizing whiteness: Developing White teachers as co-conspirators in the fight for racial justice. In H. Smith, & K. M. Iyengar (Eds.), Diversity in Society and Schools. San Diego, CA: Cognella Press.

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Vadeboncoeur, J. A., Vellos, R. E., & Goessling, K. P. (2011). Learning as (one part) identity construction: Educational implications of a sociocultural perspective. In D. M. McInerney, R. A. Walker, & G. A. D. Liem (Eds.), Sociocultural Theories of Learning and Motivation: Looking Back, Looking Forward (pp. 223-251). Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing.


Upcoming & Recent Presentations

Roy, L. A., & Goessling, K. P. (2019, April). Toward a white anti-racist, co-conspirator identity: Problematizing the “White confessional.” Paper accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Education Research Association, Toronto, ON.

Goessling, K. P. (2019, April). Toward an art and trauma-informed framework for engaging with youth and communities who have been affected by the opioid crisis. Paper accepted for presentation at the Philadelphia Higher Education Network of Neighborhood Development (PHENND) Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Wager, A. C., & Goessling, K. P. (2018, Oct). Collaborative practices in higher education with arts-based social justice initiatives. Workshop conducted at the Artful Inquiry Research Group Symposium: Art as an Agent of Social Change, Montreal, Quebec.

Goessling, K. P., & The Philly Education Justice Collective (2018, June). Community-based education and the fight for educational justice: Uncovering tensions and possibilities through a living curriculum. Paper presented at the World Congress of the Action Learning, Action Research Association Inc., Northfield, VT.

Goessling, K. P., & The Philly Education Justice Collective (2018, May). From the ground up: Collaborative research toward a liberatory education. Workshop presented at the Community Schools National Forum: Partnering for Equity and Opportunity, Baltimore, MD.

Goessling, K. P., & The Philly Education Justice Collective (2018, May). Organizing for a liberatory education: Community schools from the ground up. Paper presented at the Bloustein School Convening on Education Reform, Communities, and Social Justice, New Brunswick, NJ.

Wager, A. C., Goessling, K. P., Wright, D., & Dewhurst, M. (2018, April). Collaborative arts, creative research and youth engagement in social justice practices. Symposium presented at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Education Research Association, New York, NY.

Goessling, K. P. (2018, April). Participatory analysis: Co-Constructing meaning with young people. Paper presented at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Education Research Association, New York, NY.

Goessling, K. P., & The Philly Education Justice Collective. (2018, April). The ambassador program: An emerging strategy for community-driven educational justice organizing. Paper presented at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Education Research Association, New York, NY.

Goessling, K. P., et al. (2017, October). From the ground up: Fighting for a liberatory education. Workshop presented at the 17th Annual National Conference of Imagining America in Davis, CA.

Goessling, K. P. (2017, August). Learning as an activist trajectory: “First steps into activism.”  Paper presented at the 5th International Congress of the International Society for Cultural-historical Activity Research in Quebec City, Quebec.

Goessling, K. P., & Wager, A. (2017, May). Opening up places of pedagogical possibilities through art with urban youth. Paper presented at the Thirteenth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry in Urbana-Champaign, IL.

Goessling, K. P. (2017, May). Critical collaborative methods as emergent methods of participation. Paper presented at the Thirteenth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry in Urbana-Champaign, IL.

Goessling, K. P. (2016, June). Structures of domination: Policing youth activism. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Cultural Studies Association in Philadelphia, PA.

Goessling, K. P., & Wager, A. (2016, March). Pedagogical places of possibility: Exploring art and play with youth. Paper presented at the 2016 International Conference of the Association for the Study of Play in New Brunswick, NJ.

Goessling, K. P. (2016, Feb). Re/negotiating and re/narrating “youth” in a neoliberal era. Paper presented at the 2016 Society for Cross-Cultural Research Annual Meeting in Portland, OR.

Skourtes, S., & Goessling, K. P. (2016, Feb). Ethics and the politics of representation when conducting cross-cultural research. Conversation Hour at the 2016 Society for Cross-Cultural Research Annual Meeting in Portland, OR.