Elizabeth A. Dudkin

Elizabeth A. Dudkin
Associate Professor, Biology
Main Building, 312A
25 Yearsley Mill Road
Media, PA 19063

Elizabeth Dudkin received her B.S. in Business Administration from Drexel University and her Ph.D. in Biology and Neuroscience from Temple University. Dr. Dudkin’s research on nucleus isthmi and its role in visual attention in frogs has been published in the Journal of Neuroscience, the Journal of Comparative Neurology, and Brain Research. She has been involved in training undergraduate students to work in a molecular biology lab for several years, and has received funding from the National Science Foundation to send students to work in a research lab at the University of Paris. She is collaborating with Dr. John Tierney and Ms. Nikki DeAngelis, also of Penn State, in an undergraduate research project that tests the biological activities of novel organic compounds. Dr. Dudkin received the Distinguished Teaching Award for Penn State Brandywine in 2005.

Recent Publications
Dudkin, E.A., J.B. Sheffield, and E.R. Gruberg. Combining visual information from the two eyes: the relationship between isthmotectal cells that project to ipsilateral tectum and to contralateral tectum using fluorescent retrograde labels. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 502(1):38-54, (2007).

Gruberg, E., E. Dudkin, Y. Wang, G. Marin, C. Salas, E. Sentis, J. Letelier, J. Mpodozis, J. Malpeli, H. Cui, R. Ma, D. Northmore, S. Udin. Influencing and interpreting visual input: the role of a visual feedback system, Journal of Neuroscience, 26(41):10368-71. (2006).

Canamero, R.C., N. Bakrim, J.P. Bouly, A. Garay, E.A. Dudkin, Y. Habricot, M. Ahmad. Cryptochrome photoreceptors cry1 and cry2 antagonistically regulate primary root elongation in Arabidopsis thaliana. Planta. 224(5):995-1003. (2006).

Welcoming media inquiries in the following area(s):
nueroscience, mammalian physiology