Penn State Brandywine Cooper Honors Program Application

Congratulations on your admission to Penn State Brandywine!  

Among the many opportunities available to you at Penn State Brandywine is our excellent Cooper Honors Program. The Honors Program at Penn State Brandywine supports and encourages the diverse group of students who dedicate the time and effort it takes to be a scholar. The devoted faculty and staff promote critical thinking and academic achievement in an intellectually stimulating environment. To learn even more about the Cooper Honors Program click here

The Honors Program welcomes applicants with a high school GPA of 3.4 or above (on a 4.0 scale). While Penn State is test optional for applicants for Fall 2021, if you do choose to submit your SAT/ACT scores, then they may be taken into consideration in support of your application. Additional factors that may support your application are:  (1) successful completion of Honors, AP, dual enrollment, or advanced academic experiences in high school; (2) participation in high school Honors societies or programs; (3) leadership or volunteer experiences in school, in your community, or in your life; and (4) your motivation to have an impact in your world. 
To apply, please fill out the brief form below. Thank you in advance for your application!