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As many parents have already discovered, the transition from high school to college isn’t always easy. Students are constantly faced with new challenges on a college campus—from study habits, to the independence of making their own schedules, to making friends and finding a niche. But luckily for parents and students at Penn State Brandywine, Penn State Personal Counselor Stacey Shapiro is here to help. Stacey has compiled a list of tips parents can use to support their students as they adjust to college:

Stress management

  • Encourage your student to live a balanced life by eating well, exercising at the campus gym, decreasing outside work schedule to no more than 10 hours per week, and socializing 1-2 times per week within reasonable hours so there is enough energy for class work.

Study skills

  • If your student is having trouble acquiring good study skills, suggest asking for help at the Brandywine Learning Center. Click here to visit the center online.

Problems interfering with school

  • Encourage your student to contact counseling services if family issues, relationships, depression, anxiety, etc. are interfering with academics. Click here to learn more about counseling services on campus.

Choosing a major

  • Help your student calm down by letting them know that most freshmen are undecided about their majors. At Penn State, declaring a major usually takes place at the end of the sophomore year.  Academic Advising and Career Services staff are available to help. Click here to visit Academic Advising and Career Services online. 


  • Sit down with your student and come up with a budget and allowance for the week.
  • Help your student understand the dangers of getting a credit card because of the risk of incurring high debt.

If you feel your child is in need of counseling please do not hesitate to ask them to contact the Student Affairs Office. Dale Soring will schedule appointments with Stacey Shapiro at 610-892-1270. The Student Affairs Office is in the Commons Building, second floor.