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Proposals Due by 5 p.m. Fridays.

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Program/Project Title:
Amount Requested:
Funding Requested by:
(Organization Name)
Program/Project Completion Date:
Contact Person: *
Daytime Phone:
E-mail Address: *

What is the nature of the program/activity? How will students and/or the campus as a whole benefit by the funding of this proposal? How did you determine the need for this program/activity?

How will the program/activity be marketed to all students? Who is the target audience? Please be as specific as possible.

Total publicity costs $

Type of publicity with costs:

Cost: Publicity Type:

Itemized food costs $

*Any estimated food or refreshment costs must be accompanied by a current estimate in writing from Pronto Catering. Quotes may be obtained via e-mail at nick@prontocc.com

Type of food and specific costs:

Cost: Food Type:

If you are bringing a speaker, performance, DJ, band, etc.:

Total costs: $

(The maximum allowance is $3,000 for a speaker/performance inclusive of travel).

Performance fee:
Travel Costs:
Lodging: (quote required)
(A flat rate per room has been set for lodging accommodations through a local vendor for speakers, performers, DJs, etc., coming to Altoona.)

Please include a bio for the Artist/Speaker.

If you are requesting funds for a program or trip off campus:

Total Costs

Entry fee, ticket cost, etc. (quote required) (List per student cost x # of students)

Travel costs (2 quotes required) (List TOTAL travel costs even though SAF will consider funding only half of the expense.

Lodging Quote 1 (2 quotes required)

Lodging Quote 2

Amount, if any, that students are paying toward this program; trip, etc. (Give per student amount).

Conference request (see conference guidelines below):

Total costs

Registration fee per student x # of students (quote required)

Lodging (quote required)
  1. Who is going to benefit from this conference, i.e. individual benefit vs. benefit to College? On the first page of the proposal, in the first section, the question is asked, "How will students and/or the campus as a whole benefit by the funding…" This question must be clearly answered.
  2. This request must be accompanied by a copy of the conference brochure, conference materials, or web site URL – not just the prices, but information about the conference content, focus, and purpose.
  3. Standard funding consideration guidelines:
    • Registration on a per student basis, no travel, no meals unless included in the registration fee.
    • Conference materials giving description of conference is now required – off web, brochure, etc.
    • Funding for conferences is considered a lower priority item. Funding will be awarded based on a competitive process.
    • Consideration of lodging expenses would be a maximum of two rooms – the intent is one room for females and one for males who are attending.

The SAF Committee reserves the right to review each proposal individually.

Miscellaneous Costs:

Itemized equipment costs $ (quote required)

(Submit separate sheet to SAF Committee if necessary)

If the proposal is to purchase equipment, who will be responsible for the equipment (i.e. keeping track of inventory); where will it be located; and who will have access?

Maintenance set-up/tear-down costs $

Do you have funding from another source in support of this program (i.e. SGA, co-sponsorship with another club/organization, or a University office)? If so, from where?

Other costs: (please specify, quote required)

Cost: Cost Type:

Repeat program? If this is a request for funding for a program which you have planned or have worked on the planning in the past, please provide information, to the best of your ability, such as the success of the previous program, approximate number of students who attended, and any other information you feel is important.

Student Activity Fee meetings are held in 203 Commons at 11:30am. Will a representative be available to attend if there are questions? Yes No