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hand holding a cellphoneUniversity transitions to new emergency messaging service

The PSUTXT emergency notification system will cease operations on June 30 and all emergency notifications will be sent through the new PSUAlert system.

Please visit psualert.psu.edu to register for the new system or to verify the information that you have previously entered.  Your PSUTXT information will NOT be transferred to PSUAlert.

You can receive emergency notifications in several ways:

  • By email: You will automatically receive alerts at your PSU email address and you cannot deactivate that feature.  However, you may add up to two additional email addresses.
  • By text:  You may register up to three cell phone numbers to receive alerts by text.
  • By voice: You may register up to three phone numbers (cell or land) to receive alerts by voice message.  Consider adding your office phone as one of these numbers.

Additional information about PSUAlert is available at the PSUAlert website.