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7/28/2009 —

Consider Penn State Brandywine.

We offer more than 40 evening and Saturday courses this fall. Check out a list of available courses below, or contact the Registrar’s Office at 610-892-1400 for more information. For more detailed course descriptions, please visit http://soc.our.psu.edu.

Blue Book Title Course No. Sec Days Time
Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making ACCTG 211 25 MW 0610P 0815P
American Themes, American Eras AM ST 491W 425 T 0610P 0840P
Introduction to Drawing ART 20 1 S APPT 0900A 1200P
Social, Legal, and Ethical Environment of Business B A 243 25 W 0610P 0930P
Contemporary Skills for Business Professionals B A 321 25 W 0610P 0840P
Individual and Interpersonal Effectiveness for the Business Professional B A 322 25 T 0610P 0840P
Planning for Internship, Collaborative Project, and Research in Business B A 420 425 M 0610P 0700P
Project Management and Planning for Business B A 421 425 M 0710P 0840P
Strategic Business Planning B A 422W 425 R 0610P 0840P
Environmental Science BI SC 3 25 R 0610P 0840P
Rhetorical Theory CAS 201 25 M 0530P 0850P
Business and Professional Communication CAS 252 25 M 0610P 0840P
Rhetoric of Film and Television CAS 415 425 R 0500P 0820P
Effective Speech CAS 100A 25 W 0610P 0840P
The Mass Media and Society COMM 100 25 T 0530P 0800P
Public Relations COMM 370 25 W 0610P 0840P
Public Relations Media and Methods COMM 471 425 T 0530P 0800P
Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy ECON 2 25 M 0610P 0840P
Rhetoric and Composition ENGL 15 25 M 0610P 0840P
Advanced Business Writing ENGL 419 425 W 0610P 0840P
The American Novel: 1900-1945 ENGL 433 425 R 0610P 0840P
Shakespeare ENGL 444 425 M 0610P 0840P
Effective Writing: Business Writing ENGL 202D 3 S 0100P 0330P
Personal Financial Planning FIN 330 25 T 0610P 0840P
Corporation Finance FIN 301 25 M 0610P 0840P
Elementary French FR 111 25 MW 0610P 0840P
Geographic Perspectives on Sustainability and Human-Environment Systems GEOG 30 25 W 0610P 0840P
Human Services Seminar HD FS 402 425 T 0610P 0840P
The Western Heritage II HIST 2 25 T 0610P 0840P
International Business Operations I B 303 25 M 0610P 0840P
Emerging Issues and Technologies IST 402 425 M 0610P 0840P
College Algebra I MATH 21 25 TR 0610P 0725P
Basic Management Concepts MGMT 301 25 W 0610P 0840P
Leadership and Motivation MGMT 321 25 T 0610P 0840P
Human Resource Management MGMT 341 25 M 0610P 0840P
Elementary Microbiology MICRB 106 25 M 0610P 0840P
Elementary Microbiology Laboratory MICRB 107 25 W 0610P 0730P
Introduction to Business Information Systems MIS 204 25 T 0610P 0840P
Principles of Marketing MKTG 301 25 R 0610P 0840P
Public Relations and Marketing MKTG 310 25 W 0610P 0840P
Introductory Principles of Nutrition NUTR 251 25 W 0610P 0840P
Introduction to American National Government PL SC 1 25 M 0610P 0840P
Introductory Psychology PSYCH 100 25 W 0610P 0840P
Intensive Spanish SPAN 20 25 TR 0610P 0840P
Threat of Terrorism and Crime SRA 211 25 W 0610P 0840P
Statistical Concepts and Reasoning STAT 100 25 M 0610P 0840P
Elementary Statistics STAT 200 25 TR 0610P0800
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