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The Tortilla Curtain
9/28/2006 —

Using immigration as the theme, The Tortilla Curtain was chosen as the campus-wide book for this academic year.  The "Tortilla Curtain" is the name given to the border which Mexicans must cross to reach California. The book chronicles a couple that crosses the border to California for a better life, and winds up getting more than they bargained for after meeting up with an affluent American couple. Working  across many disciplines, The Tortilla Curtain deals with many contemporary issues, including social responsibility, discrimination, politics, economics, family structure, and the environment. 

During the fall semester, over twenty courses are using the book, including most First-year seminars, and classes such as Contemporary Literature, Freshman Honors English, Intro to Drawing, and Theatre.

The author, T Coraghessan Boyle, distinguished professor of English at University of Southern California, is the author of over 19 works of fiction and winner of many noteworthy honors and awards. The Tortilla Curtain is not only his most successful novel, but as Boyle comments “… my most controversial novel.”

A series of events is being planned on campus based around the theme of the book and showcasing this explosive issue that is at the forefront of our national political arena. Check back periodically as new events are planned.

For more information on the program and upcoming events, please contact:
Patricia Hillen
First-Year Seminar Campus Coordinator
Instructor of English and American Studies
312G Main

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