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Sophia Wisniewska

A Message From The Chancellor

Over the last 40 years, our campus has seen many significant changes. We have built new buildings; we have added new programs; we have grown from 236 students in our inaugural year to nearly 1,700 today. We now offer a wide variety of four-year baccalaureate programs; students participate in numerous campus organizations, clubs, and varsity sports. And most recently, in November 2007, we rechristened ourselves Penn State Brandywine to reflect our expanding reach beyond Delaware County to Chester County, Philadelphia, and neighboring portions of New Jersey and Delaware.  As we embark on the next 40 years, we expect to see our boundaries reach even farther.

One thing that has not changed since 1967 is our mission: to create the best possible environment for students to succeed. We are proud of our award-winning faculty, who go above and beyond to make the college experience as rich as possible for students. Our faculty take the time to get to know their students well, establishing relationships with them both in and outside of the classroom. Many of our faculty offer research opportunities, providing students with valuable real-world experience as they pursue their degrees.  Our staff as well help to make college life a positive experience by creating a friendly and open environment where students feel comfortable seeking information and advice.

We are indeed proud of our growth and accomplishment during these past 40 years.  There have been many challenges along the way, but our commitment to serving the community has never wavered. Likewise, support from the community has been a big reason why Penn State Brandywine has endured and become increasingly successful, and we are grateful for that.

The slogan for our 40th celebration—selected from among several options by members and friends of the campus community—is “Pride in Our Heritage: Strength in Our Future.”
We Are Penn State Brandywine: Four decades and going strong!



Penn State Brandywine