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Use this form to submit story ideas that promote Penn State Brandywine in a positive way.

  • Story ideas suggestions: special events, programs for your field of study, an accomplishment, research, a human interest story
  • 3 main elements of a good news story:
    1. Newsworthy – Is it new, interesting, informative, “real” news? Is it part of a trend or happening concurrently with other existing news?
    2. Timely – Did it (or will it) happen within a two week window of when the story idea is submitted?
    3. Local – Is there a local, personal, or human interest angle?
  • Event coverage requires 1-2 weeks advance notice
  • Each submission will be reviewed by the Office of University Relations. If deemed newsworthy, UR staff will follow up to get additional details if necessary, develop the story, and promote it to the media
  • Once a story is distributed to media outlets there is NO GUARANTEE THAT IT WILL APPEAR IN ANY PUBLICATION. Any public relations story, article, quote, mention, photo, or video that appears in the media is considered “earned media.” In contrast to paid media (i.e. advertising), earned media must have merit in its own right and be approved by a third party editor or staff, thereby “earning” the media placement. Earned media is meant to increase the institution’s credibility because it is a third party endorsement.

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