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The Business and Professional Writing Certificate

The certificate program in Business and Professional Writing is designed for adult learners who wish to improve their written communication skills. The purpose of the program is to assist working professionals with becoming more effective communicators in our information-driven economy. The curriculum, taught by award-winning Penn State faculty, includes technical writing, proposals, reports, and presentations common to business, industry and government; and Web-based writing, including the analysis and composition of informative, persuasive, and creative Web texts. The capstone project is an independent study project tailored to your specific needs. (12-15 credits)

Business Essentials Certificate

The certificate program in Business Essentials offers an excellent basic education in business management topics. The courses in the program will provide valuable information to anyone who works in a business setting or is considering a business career, but has not had any previous coursework in business. Concepts covered in the coursework include marketing, public speaking, information technology, and business management principles. This certificate program is ideal for recent college graduates who did not major in business, or for adults looking to earn a fresh credential in order to reenter the workforce. (12 credits)

Business Administration for Professionals Essentials

Building upon the courses in the Business Essentials Certificate, this program offers coursework in intermediate and advanced business topics such as accounting, statistics, and business law.  The courses provide a better understanding of the complexities of employee behavior, financial analysis, principles of management, and the legal aspects of business. The mathematics and English courses required for this program offer students the ability to improve their quantitative reasoning ability and oral and written communication skills. All of the certificate program courses can be applied to the B.S. degree in Business offered at Penn State Brandywine. (16 credits)

Information Sciences and Technology Certificates

Penn State Brandywine offers two separate Information Sciences and Technology certificate programs.  Both programs provide the business professional with a more specific skillset in information technology.  The first program, Information Technology for Business, includes coursework in information systems, database development, and systems and enterprise integration.  The second certificate program, Information Technology for Communications, is geared towards understanding the intersection of the information technology and communication sectors.  Topics covered are how to manage information resources and web-site content and design. (15 credits)

Labor Studies and Employment Relations

Penn State's labor studies and employment relations certificate program is composed of a series of credit classes that can help you gain an understanding of workplace and employment issues from both the employee’s and the employer’s perspectives.  This certificate program is designed to enable you to enrich your human resources skillset or prepare for a new career in labor relations. (12 credits)

Youth Development and Social Justice

This certificate program was designed to help students understand the unique challenges facing adolescents and young adults in our rapidly changing world. Intended for counselors, educators, family therapists, social workers, and other professionals dedicated to serving the developmental needs of youth in contemporary society, the program provides an overview of the major issues that impact youth development from a social justice perspective. Students enter this program with the desire to nurture the adolescents and youth of their community.  Upon completion of the certificate, they earn with the skills and knowledge to work effectively with the youth in their community. (18 credits)

Health Professions

Accelerated Undergraduate Postbaccalaureate Medical Sciences

This certificate program is for a select group of academically talented, highly motivated college graduates who do not have a science background but who now wish to prepare for admission to medical school or to dental, optometry, podiatry, veterinary, physical therapy, or allied health schools. Students will work in a blended learning environment. The majority of the coursework can be taken online or in a hybrid format. Students will be required to come to the Penn State Brandywine campus approximately twice a month to complete lab assignments and take exams. (36 credits)


Certified Dementia Practitioner

This training program offers CNAs and other clinical staff with intensive training in dementia care.  The training requires 12-16 hours of instruction in understanding the signs and symptoms of dementia, working with patients who have dementia, and how to build relationships with family members and caregivers who are dealing with a person with dementia. The course is recognized by the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners and CDP certification is available for those who qualify.


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