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Dr. McMullen at campus lion shrine
Contact Information
Title: Associate Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences
Office: 133 Vairo Library
Phone: 610-892-1426
E-mail: wjm11@psu.edu

Dr. Wayne McMullen is Associate Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences.  Previously, he has served as Program Head for Communication Arts and Sciences at Penn State’s University College and Co-coordinator of the Communication Arts and Sciences major at Penn State’s Brandywine Campus. Wayne McMullen received his doctoral degree from Penn State and has been teaching at Brandywine since 1991.

Professor McMullen teaches a variety of classes in media criticism and speech. These include, The Art of Cinema; The Rhetoric of Film; Rhetorical Theory; Women, Minorities, and the Media; Introduction to Speech and Language Science,;Speech and Human Behavior; Message Analysis, and Effective Speech. Dr. McMullen has been the recipient of the campus Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award and the University’s George W. Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Dr. McMullen’s research centers on investigations of media and mass-mediated messages from a communicative perspective. He has written several articles in this area that have been published in leading academic journals such as Text and Performance Quarterly, Women’s Studies in Communication, Southern Communication Journal, Western Journal of Speech Communication, and Literature/Film Quarterly. He also has been the recipient of the Donald Ecroyd Research and Scholarship Award.  Dr. McMullen’s current research focuses on a variety of determinants of box-office receipts for the U.S. movie industry.

Wayne McMullen is an active participant in several faculty and academic activities at Penn State, including serving as Chair of Faculty Senate at Brandywine, as well as on various  academic committees, including the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, the Council of Academic Directors, the Promotion and Tenure Committee, the Madlyn Hanes Faculty Award Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee, the Curricular Affairs Committee, the Search and Screening Committee for Director of Student Life, the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award Committee, and the Faculty Forum Committee.

External to the university, Dr. McMullen has been actively involved in the communication profession. Dr. McMullen has served as Associate Editor of Communication Quarterly and has been an Associate Editor of Women’s Studies in Communication since 1997. He has also served as an ad-hoc reviewer of several academic journals, including Critical Studies in Mass Communication, Text and Performance Quarterly, The Southern Communication Journal, Western Journal of Speech Communication, and professional organizations including the National Communication Association and the Speech Communication Association of Pennsylvania.

Recent Publications and Presentations

McMullen, Wayne J. and Joseph Biscontini, “Shadows and Light and Dames in the Night: Film Noir, the 40s and Beyond,” Brandywine Campus 40th Anniversary Lecture Series, November 2007.

McMullen, Wayne J., refereed paper presented at conference, “The Amish, Old Orders, and the Media,” Elizabethtown College, PA, June 2001, invited for inclusion at the Heritage Center of Lancaster County exhibition on the Amish to mark the 20th anniversary re-release of the film, Witness, April 2005.

McMullen, Wayne J., “Hotel Rwanda: A Filmic Representation of a Genocide,” Presentation and Discussion Leader to multiple sections of First Year Seminar students, September/October 2005.

Solomon, Martha and Wayne J. McMullen, “Places in the Heart: The Rhetorical Force of an Open Text,” Western Journal of Speech Communication,” vol. 55, pp. 339-353.  Reprinted in Dann L. Pierce, Rhetorical Criticism and Theory in Practice (NY: McGraw/Hill, 2003), pp. 202-217.