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Ms. Main at campus lion statue
Contact Information
Title: Instructor in English

125 Vairo Library

Phone: 610-892-1325
E-mail: pam47@psu.edu

Pamela Main graduated with an MA In English from Colorado State University and a Master's in Professional Writing from University of Southern California.  She also studied French literature and language in France for three years.  At Penn State Brandywine, she directs the Writing Studio and teaches Introduction to Creative Writing, Fiction Writing, Rhetoric and Composition, and Peer Tutoring in Writing.  Her publications in fiction and poetry include Puerto del Sol, The Pennsylvania Review, and The Greensboro Review.  She was a recent finalist in Glimmer Train's fiction contest.  What she loves about writing fiction and poetry is the license to change facts, and in doing so, to change possibilities. Fiction allows for new ways for understanding the world and for reacting to our human experiences.   Professor Main believes that too often, in the whirlwind of our consumer-driven world, we are told what to think, and even what and how to feel.  Writing fiction and poetry humanizes us, helping us heal traumas and open hearts.

Writing can sometimes be a frustrating process, but Pamela Main feels she has learned to treasure those moments when her mind allows her characters to “run the show.” As her students know, she is a huge fan of revision, and knows that until writers understand the importance of re-seeing their words, they may never reach their true fullest potential. Good writers are not necessarily born; they develop, and often are the quiet ones who sit in the back of the classroom and reflect on what they might have said, but didn’t. And then they write.