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Title: Instructor in Education
Office: 214 D Main Building
Phone: 610-892-1346
E-mail: nsm11@psu.edu
Dr. Moore at campus lion shrine


Noreen Moore earned a B.A. in English from Temple University before pursuing a career in Education. She has taught English Language Arts at the Middle School level and has taught literacy at the upper elementary and pre-K levels. In addition, as a Writing Project Fellow, she has taught numerous summer writing camps for students in grades 3-12. She decided to pursue an advanced degree so that she could help train pre-service teachers and so that she could research the most effective ways to help students learn to develop their literacy skills. She earned an M.A. and Ph.D. in Literacy Education from the University of Delaware.

Her current research interests are in K-12 writing strategies and instruction, writing and technology, and the vocabulary development of young children. She has presented her research at national and international literacy conferences. Her most recent publications include research on effective instructional strategies for teaching young children vocabulary and strategies for teaching elementary school students to write persuasively.


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