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Penn State Brandywine
MEDIA, PA 19063-5596
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Professional Information


B.A., College of William and Mary (Philosophy and Government)
M.A., Stony Brook University
Ph.D., Stony Brook University
Postgraduate Study, Universität Tübingen (Germany)


Oberlin College
Emerson College
New York University
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology


Environmental Philosophy
Asian Philosophy
Symbolic Logic
American Environmentalism
Philosophy of Technology
Basic Problems of Philosophy



Bewildering Order: Earth, Water, Air and Fire as Elemental Philosophy and Environmental Ideas (Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, forthcoming, 2004).

Editor, Minding Nature: The Philosophers of Ecology
(NY: Guilford Press).

Books in Progress:

Walking the Earth: Philosophical Foot Notes (Bloomington, IN: Univ. of Indiana Press, forthcoming 2005).

Continental Philosophy and the Environment
. Edited collection (with Melissa Clarke) on the environment and nature within the tradition of Continental Philosophy from Kant to Derrida. (Under consideration at several presses)


“Walking the Urban Environment” in Gary Backhaus and John Murungi, eds. Transformations of Urban and Suburban Landscapes (Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield).

“Be-wildering Order: On Finding a Home for Domestication and the Domesticated Other” in The Ecological Community: Environmental Challenges for Philosophy, Politics and Morality, ed. Roger Gottlieb (NY: Routledge).

“Walking the Elemental Earth: Phenomenological and Literary Foot Notes,” Annalecta Husserliana, Vol. 71.

"On Critical Theory and Nature,” Capitalism, Nature, Socialism," Vol. 9, No. 3.

"Evolution and Revolution: The Ecological Anarchism of Bookchin and Kropotkin" in Social Ecology After Bookchin, ed. Andrew Light (NY: Guilford Publications).

“Hannah Arendt and the Politics of Place" in Minding Nature, ed. David Macauley (NY: Guilford Publications).

“Walking the City,” Capitalism, Nature Socialism: A Journal of Ecology, Vol. 11, No. 4.

Review of Edward Casey, The Fate of Place and Getting Back into Place in Environmental Ethics, Vol. 22.

"Greening Philosophy and Democratizing Ecology" in Minding Nature: The Philosophers of Ecology, ed. David Macauley (New York: Guilford Press).

“A Few Foot Notes on Walking,” The Trumpeter: Journal of Ecosophy (Vol. 10:1).

“Out of Place and Outer Space: Hannah Arendt on Earth Alienation,” Capitalism, Nature, Socialism (Vol. 3:4).

“Echoes to Eco-feminism,” APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy (Vol. 92)

“On Women, Animals and Nature,” APA Newsletter on Feminism & Philosophy (Vol. 90:3)

“Political Animals” Between The Species: A Journal of Ethics, III, 2 to IV, 2, serialized in 5 parts.

The Animal Rights Movement: Pythagoras’ Heirs or the New Luddites of the Left?,” William and Mary Magazine.

Interview with Jeremy Rifkin on biotechnology in The Animals’ Agenda.

Interview with Peter Singer on animal ethics in The Animals’ Agenda.

Poetry in The William and Mary Review, Carver, and Left Curve.

Articles in Progress

“Earth, Air, Fire and Water: The Elements of an Ecological Ethos”

“The Art of Ambling: A New Footing for Environmental Aesthetics”

“Nietzsche’s Conception of the Body”

“The Flowering of Roots: Empedocles and Elemental Philosophy”

Conference Presentations and Talks:

“Biomimicry: Ecological Model, Environmental Movement or Empty Meme?,” International Association for Environmental Philosophy, Memphis, TN, October 2004.

“Earth, Air, Fire and Water: Ecoscapes of the Elemental Environment” Society for Philosophy and Geography, Baltimore, MD, May 2004.

Invited lecture, “Walking Across Disciplinary Lines,” Haverford College Symposium on the Environment, Haverford, PA, March 2004

“Walking and Environmental Aesthetics,” Environment and Community conference, Empire State College, NY, February 2004.

“The Art of Ambling: Environmental Aesthetics on the Move,” International Association for Environmental Philosophy (SPEP), Boston, November 2003.

“Learning Logic: Philosophical Foundations,” Penn State University, March 2003.

Invited Lecture, “Thoreau and the Mobile Earth,” Harvard University, Dept. History of Science, February 2003.

“Re-placing Environmental Ethics,” Departments of Philosophy and Environmental Studies Program, University of Oregon, January 2003.

Chair, Panel on “Environmental Virtue Ethics,” Society for Phenomenological and Existential Philosophy, Chicago, October 2002.

“Walking the Animate Earth,” Invited Faculty Talk, Oberlin College, December 2001.

“The Domestication of Water,” Society for Philosophy and Technology, St. Andrews College, Aberdeen, Scotland, July 2001.

“Genetically Modified Organisms: Between Techne and Physis,” Society for Philosophy and Technology, St. Andrews College, Aberdeen, Scotland, July 2001.

“Replacing the Ground Beneath Our Feet,” Lewis Center for Environmental Studies, Oberlin College, May 2001.

“The Notion of Natural Place in Plato and Aristotle,” Society for Philosophy and Geography, Towson State University, Baltimore, April 2001.

“The Elements and Environmental Philosophy: From Empedocles’ Rhizomata to Bachelard’s Reveries,” International Assoc. for Environ. Phil. at Society for Phenomenological and Existential Philosophy (SPEP), October 2001.

“Death, Evil and the Existential Uncanny in Bergman’s ‘The Seventh Seal,’” Invited paper, English Dept., University of Pennsylvania, February 2001

“Pedestrian Practices and Peripatetic Politics: Walking the Urban Environment,” International Association for Philosophy and Literature (IAPL), Stony Brook, NY, May 2000.

“Global Warming, Risk and Environmental Ethics,” American Philosophical Association, Eastern Meeting, December 1999.

“Walking as Environmental Practice,” International Association for Environmental Philosophy at Society for Phenomenological and Existential Philosophy (SPEP), Eugene, OR, October 1999.

“Walking the Earth: Phenomenological Foot Notes,” Phenomenology and Literature Congress,” Harvard University, April 1999.

“Inside Out: On the Dilemmas of Animal and Human Domestication,” Society for Philosophy and Geography, Towson State University, Baltimore, April 1999.

“The Elements of Ancient Greek Science and Nature Philosophy,” Emporia State University, Kansas, May 1998.

“Critical Theory and Ecology: After the Frankfurt School,” Rethinking Marxism Conference, Univ. Mass., December 1996.

“The Ethics and Politics of Natural Place: Heidegger and Arendt,” State University of New York, Stony Brook University.

“Heidegger, Derrida and Ecological Philosophy,” Visions of the Earth Conference, York University, Toronto, Canada.

“The Question of the Ethical Treatment of Animals,” Central Columbia and Bloomsburg High Schools, Bloomsburg, PA.

“The Democracy Movement in China,” Conference on Politics and China, San Francisco.

“Animal Rights and Human Wrongs?,” William and Mary Philosophy Department.

Professional Work:

Translator, Wolf Schäfer, “An der Grenze der Einheit der Gattung”/“At the Frontier Species Unity” (from the German for Social Research journal)

Editorial Board, Capitalism, Nature, Socialism journal, 1998-present

Manuscript Referee, History of Human Sciences journal

Manuscript Review, The Poetics of Decay, book manuscript, Broadview Press

Manuscript Review, Richard Gill, The Wonder of the World: Hannah Arendt, G.K. Chesterton, and Ecological Populism (Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. Press)

Manuscript Referee, Capitalism, Nature, Socialism (journal), 1993-present

Manuscript Referee, Rethinking Marxism

Editorial Board, Reveries (undergraduate philosophy journal), 1999-2000

Researcher, New York Review of Books, for 2nd ed. of Peter Singer's Animal Liberation

Co–editor, Lomakatsi (Co-founded, edited, published small ecological magazine)

Editorial Consult., Guilford Publications

Contrib. Writer, The Animals’ Agenda (environmental magazine)

Researcher, Medieval Philosophy, for Professor in Stony Brook Philosophy Dept.

Recent Service Work:

Advisor, Philosophy Club, Penn State

Organizer, Earth Day, Penn State

Student Advisory Committee, Penn State

Environmental Studies Program Committee, Oberlin College

Committee Member, Student Honors Thesis, Oberlin College

Director, Environmental Film Series, Oberlin College

Committee Member, Mellon Curriculum Development Grants, Oberlin College

Advisory Board, Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, Emerson College

Search Committees, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Writing Advisory Committee, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Fine Arts Committee, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Judge, Essay Contest in Humanities, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Professional Affiliations:

American Philosophical Association (APA)

Society for Phenomenological and Existential Philosophy (SPEP)

International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE)

International Association for Environmental Philosophy (IAEP)

International Association for Philosophy and Literature (IAPL)

Society for Philosophy and Geography (SPG)

Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research (IAPR)

Society for Philosophy and Technology (SPT)

Honors and Grants:

Phil Beta Kappa, College of William and Mary

Class Valedictorian, College of William and Mary

Highest Honors, Senior Thesis, College of William and Mary

Research and Development Grant, Penn State University, 2003

Faculty Member of the Month, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, February 2001

Graduate Study Fellowship, University of Tübingen, Germany

Grant from Deutsche Academische Austausch Dienst (DAAD) for language study and research

Travel grants for academic conferences from SUNY—Stony Brook and York University

W. Warner Moss Award, Best Undergraduate Thesis

Rhodes Scholarship competition, Pennsylvania and Maryland/DC finalist

Elisha Parmele Scholarship, William and Mary Ranking Scholar

Scholarship, Foundation for Advanced Studies in Liberty, Trinity College, Hartford, CT

Phi Alpha Theta (History Honor Society) and Pi Sigma Alpha (Government Honor Society)

Eagle Scout and Member of Order of the Arrow

Personal Information

I studied political theory, normative and applied ethics, and the “Great Books” sequence at The College of William and Mary before obtaining my master’s degree and doctorate in 1998 from the Continental philosophy program at the State University of New York at Stony Brook (now Stony Brook University). My dissertation focused on issues at the intersection of ancient Greek thought, philosophy of nature and Continental theory, and it involved a close engagement with the work of the Presocratics, Plato, Aristotle and twentieth-century phenomenologists and post-structuralists. Since that time, I have published articles and presented papers on political theory, environmental philosophy, Continental philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, film criticism and philosophy of technology.

Most recently, I taught for two years in the Environmental Studies Program at Oberlin College in Ohio. I continue to write about and work on environmental issues at Penn State, where I teach a range of philosophy classes and advise the newly formed Philosophy Club. I am presently writing a book on walking (human ambulation and motility) as it relates to understandings of the body, perception, power, geography, wilderness and the urban landscape.

I grew up in the small college town of Bloomsburg, PA along the Susquehanna River and through a circuitous route—including periods of time in Williamsburg, VA; Washington DC; rural West Virginia (on a farm); San Francisco; Shenyang, China; Tübingen, Germany; New York City; Boston; Bloomington, IN; and Oberlin, OH—I have returned to settle in eastern Pennsylvania.

I now live in the Garden Court (University City) section of West Philadelphia near the University of Pennsylvania in an old 3 1/2 story Victorian house built circa 1909 that I am currently renovating. In addition to raising two cats (who are perfecting the art of walking on a leash), I engage in distance running and biking. As time permits, I grow vegetables and ornamental plants in my back yard and seek out interesting films, cafes and art galleries in the city.

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