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Information Sciences and Technology Faculty

Instructor in Computer Science
B.S., West Chester University; M.S., Philadelphia University
Scholarly Research/Interests: Teaching methodologies and use of programming languages, and web-based learning and its applications.
Joined campus faculty as part-time faculty in 2002, full-time in 2006.
email: nxd13@psu.edu

Assistant Professor of Information Sciences and Technology (Retired)
B.S., Drexel Universtiy; M.S., University of Pennsylvania.
Scholarly/Research Interests: The software engineering of industrial real-time systems and medically-applied information systems.
Joined campus faculty in 1999.
email: jam62@psu.edu

Instructor in Information Sciences and Technology
B.S., The Pennsylvania State University; M.B.A., University of Detroit; M.S. Temple University.
Scholarly/Research Interests: The project management of the implementation and development of information technology using a development life cycle strategy.
Joined campus faculty in 1999.
email: jsw11@psu.edu