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Title: Instructor in Biology
Office: 125 Vairo Library
Phone: 610-892-1268
E-mail: bcb13@psu.edu


Brian C. Barringer received his B.S. in Biology from the University of California at Davis and his Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Cornell University. He is broadly interested in evolutionary and ecological theories and uses both empirical and theoretical approaches to studying plant mating systems and the evolution of reproductive isolation (i.e., speciation). He is also fascinated by the history of science and the complex relationships between science and society, particularly those between evolutionary theory and religion.

Recent Publications

Koenig, W.D., K. Funk, T. Kraft, W.J. Carmen, B.C. Barringer, and J.M.H. Knops. 2012. Stabilizing Selection for Within-Season Flowering Phenology Confirms Pollen Limitation in a Wind-Pollinated Tree. Journal of Ecology 100:758-763.

Barringer, B.C., E. Kulka, and L.F. Galloway. 2012. Reduced Inbreeding Depression in Peripheral Relative to Central Populations of a Monocarpic Herb. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 25:1200-1208.

Whitney, K., E. Baack, J. Hamrick, M.J. Godt, B.C. Barringer, M.D. Bennett, C. Eckert, C. Goodwillie, S. Kalisz, I. J. Leitch, and J. Ross-Ibarra. 2010. A Role for Nonadaptive Processes in Plant Genome Evolution? Evolution 64: 2097-2109.

Li, X.C., B.C. Barringer, and D.A. Barbash. 2009. The Pachytene Checkpoint and its Relationship to Evolutionary Patterns of Polyploidization and Hybrid Sterility. Heredity 102: 24-30.

Barringer, B.C. and M.A. Geber. 2008. Mating System and Ploidy Influence Levels of Inbreeding Depression in Clarkia (Onagraceae). Evolution 62(5): 1040-1051.

Barringer, B.C. 2007. Polyploidy and Self-Fertilization in Flowering Plants. American Journal of Botany 94(9): 1527-1533.