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Class Visits
Whether a five-minute intro to our resources or a full-blown workshop, Career Services can visit classes to cover such topics as: career assessments, career options related to majors, applying to graduate school, resume/cover letter writing, interviewing skills, job search methods, networking, and more.

Faculty can contact our office to schedule a class visit or suggest other ways of collaborating.
Christine Allen * Coordinator of Career Services * 104 Main * 610-892-1394 * caa24@psu.edu

Career-related Course Offerings: CN ED 100 and CN ED 296A
CN ED 100: Effective Career Decision Making (2 credits) – appropriate for students exploring majors and careers.
CN ED 280: Job/Internship Search and Professional Skills (1 credit) – appropriate for students at all academic levels focused on a major. Not recommended for HDFS and Brandywine Business majors since these programs have a required equivalent course (BA 420 and HDFS 490).

Refer to the online schedule for more details.