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Khalica Boyd
Academic Adviser

As a young girl growing up in Queens, NY, I was highly influenced by the art of dance and music! My parents would always catch me singing with the broom, creating a music group with friends (En Vogue), or practicing Janet Jackson’s new dance moves. I would even challenge my classmates to dance contests during recess. With all of my years of great experience (Church choir, talent shows, and neighborhood notoriety), I was ready to audition for the famous LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts (The “FAME” school).

I went to audition for their Vocal program with confidence. I had tea in the morning and annoyed my father while practicing my runs during the car ride. Needless to say, I wasn’t accepted to the school so I enrolled in my back-up, Murry Bergtraum High School for Business Careers.  Before I entered 9th grade, I worked at my cousin’s job performing administrative tasks. I realized that I was pretty good at it so I decided to major in Secretarial Science.

During the summer of my junior year, I interned at a prestigious law firm. In talking with the secretarial staff, I was prepared to go to a technical college to become a legal secretary. As the school year began, I signed up to become a Peer Conflict Mediator. This is where I learned that I have great skills in listening to others, mediating conflicts, and helping those in need. This led to me attending Penn State Altoona to major in Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS).

About a month into my courses, I attended a Psychology department presentation and I realized that psychology was more my speed. After talking with my Academic Adviser, she helped me to enter the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS, exploratory students) until I was ready to fully commit to Psychology at University Park. I received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a business focus and a minor in Business because I wanted to work in Human Resources.

However, as my history displays, my interests changed during my junior year and I wanted to focus more on counseling. I attended New York University to receive a Master of Arts in Counseling. Since Graduate school I have worked in a variety of youth development programs, non-profit organizations, and various high schools and colleges. My career focus includes helping young people with their academic and career pursuits. Working with the students at Brandywine allows me to share my experience while encouraging and guiding students to explore their own academic and career paths.